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The illustration in The Fox and the Snowman are really intriguing! My boys and I like to look at the fox on each page. There’s something about him that’s real yet painted and I just want to study him and his expressions!

The Fox and the Snowman story is sweet as it tells about the fox and his life throughout the seasons. He goes from being all by himself in the fall to somehow having a snowman friend by his den through the winter.

As spring comes he looses his friend but then is not lonely for long as he finds a female fox and they have a family. Summer is not really covered, but then it turns to fall again and the young foxes go and leave. Then it comes back around to winter as the book ends and the fox remembers his snowman friend.

I like that the book is one my seven year old can read with ease. The text is big and a good font without any swirly letters, which I think is best for young readers. The pictures are wonderful, like I already mentioned, so if he reads it to his little brother, he will sit and listen well.

What a great stocking stuffer The Fox and the Snowman would be. A book you can continue to read about winter, throughout this winter!


About the Book

“The Fox and the Snowman” – A beautiful story by author Angela Muse about a lone fox and his journey through a year of changing seasons. Along the way, the young fox discovers friendship and family in this colorful seasonal tale that’s perfect for giving and receiving at holiday time.

About the Author

Angela was born in California to a military family. This meant that she got used to being the “new kid” in school every couple of years. It was hard trying to make new friends, but Angela discovered she had a knack for writing. In high school Angela began writing poetry and song lyrics. Expressing herself through writing seemed very natural. After becoming a Mom in 2003, Angela continued her storytelling to her own children. In 2009 she wrote and published her first rhyming children’s book aimed at toddlers. Since then she has released several more children’s picture books and released her first young adult romance series, The Alpha Girls.

Angela’s husband, Ben Muse writes suspense/thriller books that can also be found on Amazon.


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