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This is such a sweet book about prayer for the little ones! Teaching kids to pray is one of the first things we do when raising kids to have faith. Letting them know that they were an answer to prayer is such an important part of this as shown in I Prayed for You.

I also think it’s important for kids to know that they were planned for and wanted. I’ve heard people jokingly say they were an accident but I don’t want any of my kids to think they weren’t a part of the plan or not wanted in any way. It’s a great focal point that the very first page says that they were prayed for.

I like the way that it there’s an explanation at the top of mama bear telling baby bear and then the bottom of the page is the actual prayer. The prayers rhyme which is great for the little listening ears to hear. It sticks with them more and helps them to pay attention.

I have been reading this to all three of my kids but I think my two year old enjoys it most as it’s a little young for my six and seven year olds. It’s a board book with the rounded corners and thick pages so my toddler can look through it easily on his own. He likes to look at all the pictures and point at the things that he knows.

I Prayed for You is a great book to teach kids about prayer life and would make a wonderful gift!


About the Book

Did you know that even before you were born, I prayed for you?

Mommies love their babies and pray over them before they are born and for their whole lives. This book will help them share the many ways they have prayed, and continue to pray, over the lives of their precious children.

Mama Bear shares with Baby Bear how much she prayed for her, even before Baby Bear was born. And each and every day, Mama prays and asks God to help Baby Bear grow big and strong, be safe, love God, and be good to others.

From before these sweet babies are born, and for every part of their futures, Mama covers them in prayer. Every spread will share a different prayer, and mamas everywhere will resonate with this eternally important message.

Baby bears everywhere will fall asleep knowing they are loved and prayed over.


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