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We had the perfect opportunity to observe nature on a couple of recent camping trips we took. We had a great view of the Salton Sea and so we used our new Periscope to check things out!


My six year old Paige was immediately interested in it I liked that the big handles made it easy for her to grip. It’s lightweight so it’s easy for little ones to hold onto. The attached goggles also gives them a safe, soft place to put their face without injury.


Paige was really fascinated by it and had a lot of questions about the way it worked and the way she was seeing things. I admit I had to look a few things up to answer her questions. We’re both learning with this one!

A cool feature is the LED light they can flip on for night viewing. I like that it’s LED so it’ll last longer than traditional lighting. It does require batteries that it does not come with so we had to wait until we got home to try that feature.

The GeoSafari series has many items like this that are great for beginners to explore their world. It encourages a love of science and exploration at a young age. I love how they are made specifically for kids and have considered what appeals to them.

The Sneak & Peek Periscope has made it’s appearance several times over the past couple of weeks whenever Paige decides she wants to get a better look at something. I’ll see it looking at me from around the corner or peaking up over the couch! It’s cute that it’s become a little tool for her and that she enjoys using it!

This would make a great educational gift this holiday season!




Product Description

Observe nature from your sneaky secret hideout! Peek over a rock or around a tree, undetected! Scoping in the dark? Flip on the LED light to spy on nocturnal animals in your backyard! This periscope features a wide viewing area, easy-grip handles, and soft goggles with a comfy nose placement guide to guarantee successful viewing, day or night.

Shhh…They’re Learning!
Encourages nature exploration and bird watching
Introduces early science concepts related to mirrors and optics
Fun introductory science tool
Cut to the Chase
Child-sized periscope featuring built-in LED light and wide viewing area for two eyes
Easy-grip handles for small hands
Soft goggles with a comfy nose placement guide for comfortable exploration
View in four directions – turn horizontally or vertically
Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

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