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I just started re-decorating my office. Actually I should say I started decorating it. Even though we’ve lived in this house for four years, the office remains the catch all of leftover things. It has framed pictures from our first apartment that don’t match the furniture and random family photos that don’t really go together or have a theme.

One thing I always loved about my Dads office in his house is that it was a nautical theme with sailboats and lighthouses. I share his love of sailing and of our home on the East Coast. Since we lost him this year I thought it would be a great tribute to him and a sentimental constant reminder of a love we shared.

I searched under Beach Art and found this wonderful print that I knew immediately was “the one!” Mel Allen’s Ullswater Photograph instantly brought me back to our little cottage in Maine. In fact, one of my all time favorite photos is of my sister and me as toddlers at the end of the doc in our diapers! It’s so similar it could almost be this picture!


I love pictures that take me to another place and time! I ordered it as canvas because I love the texture and chose the gallery wrap so that the photo would continue around the edges, almost like it’s jumping off the page. That feature was particularly effective on this photo!


It is just stapled on the back and wrapped around. I was able to hang with just the edge and didn’t need to ad any hardware.


There is so much more photography to choose from that will be perfect to finish my nautical office and I saw today when shopping for companion pieces that everything is 50% off! This would be the perfect time to finish that holiday shopping! I know that things like this are my absolute favorite gifts to find under the tree!



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