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I’m not a huge jewelry wearer. I used to be before I quit my job to stay home full time with my kids. I used to buy full sets for every outfit that coordinated perfectly! Well when those clothes went out of style, so did the jewelry. They have trends that come and go like anything else so I felt like it was a huge waste of money. My style changed when I started staying at home and so did fashion. Sadly my jewelry collection dwindled away to nothing once I got rid of things as they went out of style.

Now I prefer a more simple classic look. For one thing it fits my lifestyle more but for another, it tends to stay in trend longer! I have been hearing  a lot about different subscription services lately and I really think they are a great idea. Even better are ones like Rocksbox where you are basically just borrowing something! For a fraction of the cost you can wear whatever is on trend and then return it. It’s about to go out of style anyway!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Become a shine insider and fill out a wish list.
  2. Get 3 pieces to wear on loan picked by a stylist specifically for you.
  3. Return anytime and as often as you like!

Number 3 is my favorite! Maybe you don’t like everything or it’s something fancy you’ll just wear once. Or maybe you just love to wear something different every day. I love that there are no limitations! You just get three at a time but as often as you want!

Here’s the best part. It’s $19 a month! I really expected it to be at least $50. So for $19 a month you get three pieces at a time that average a value of $200.

Here are a few other perks. You don’t have to pay for shipping to or from you! That’s another huge benefit to me. It probably wouldn’t be worth it if I had to pay. That way you know what it costs you: $19 a month period.

If you really love something and want to keep it you do have the option to buy and they even give you $10 a month credit they call Shine Spend to apply towards a purchase!

So sounds too good to be true right? I thought so too but I had to try it to see!

I took a few minutes to fill out my wish list. This was actually fun, just like window shopping. A few days later I had my first Rocksbox! It came in a really cute box all wrapped in a bow like a fun gift for ME! The tissue paper inside was on trend with a chevon print and there was a personalized card with my name on it.


Under the tissue paper were three individual jewelry bags. This is like Christmas!


I was super curious to see what they sent. I couldn’t remember exactly what I selected so I don’t even know if these exact items were on my wish list but they are definitely things I would choose. The first was mixed crystal wrap bracelet but I actually wore it more as a necklace! I didn’t even realize it was supposed to be a bracelet until I went to check the price to purchase it! This is my favorite color. I would go as far to say signature color. I buy everything in Navy so of course I had several outfits to match!


This is definitely my favorite piece. If I were to keep anything it would be this. I’m still debating that one!

Next was a ring in a zig zag pattern that just so happened to match a Christmas sweater in silver I got that had a Chevron print woven through it. While I loved the way it looked it kind of bothered me. I think it’s probably because I’m not used to wearing rings so I constantly felt it there. It didn’t bother me enough to send it back right away though. It was the perfect accessory to wear just a couple hours at a time for all the fun holiday events going on!


Last but not least was a simple petal silver necklace with a really unique design. I probably got the most comments and compliments on this.


It just has a really unique design and I like how it’s attached to the chain in such a pretty way. I also like that it’s a shorter chain that doesn’t get in the way. I wore it in my sons classroom today and it didn’t bother me at all because it didn’t dangle too low.

So far I would give those whole experience an A+! I have had these items for about two weeks. I’m going to send them back to see what’s next! I’m really excited about this now that I see what it’s all about.

This would be the best gift for someone this year! Give them a month just to try it! It’d be a fun little stocking stuffer! I’ll share more about my experience once I’ve tried it for a couple months and see how it works out with the swapping and maybe buying an item or two! This has made me love wearing jewelry again!




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