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I really like playing games together as a family. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always allow time for fun and games! One exception to that that I can always count on is the holidays.

Our family tradition is to go camping for Thanksgiving weekend. It’s always a fun time and one of the things I look forward to the most is game time! We tried a new game this time called Rhyme Out. It is for ages 10 to adults but I still decided to give it a shot with my six and seven-year-olds because they are supersmart!

The object of the game is simple so I figured that they could at least get the main idea. One person draws a card and reads the three clues out loud. Everybody else races to answer the correct responses that rhyme with each other! Whoever gets to 10 cards first, wins!


Here is an example and the first card that I picked. The clues are: another word for smelly, another name for your little finger, and small in size. The hint is rhymes with inky and the answers are stinky, pinky and dinky. This is very first card had everybody laughing out loud and I knew immediately that we had a hit on our hands.


I like that the concept is simple and I did not have to read the directions five times to understand them like I have had to with many games recently. There is one fun the little twist to the game and that is the steel card where you can steal cards from other players if you draw this card.


After playing it with my kids I think that the age recommendation is simply due to vocabulary and how many words kids have learned at that point my kids did pretty well have extensive vocabularies but they are only in first and second grade so they did struggle a bit. It wasn’t enough to stop us from having fun and mom and dad helped out at times. I definitely think they will do better at it in the next couple of years.

If your family is like mine and loves playing games together, Rhyme Out is a super fun one for the whole family great stocking stuffer this holiday season.




Product Description

This triple-rhyming family-friendly card game spans all ages and includes 600 questions (2 levels). For 3 or more players. Grades 5+

How to Play:

1. Take turns pulling cards and reading the 3 clues aloud.

2. Race to shout out 3 correct responses that rhyme!

3. Draw a “steal” card and steal cards from other players.

4. Collect 10 cards and you win!


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