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Paige is my creative child! She’s the only one of my kids that really wants to do crafty kinds of things so it makes shopping for her extra fun for me! I have always liked Galt Toys craft things because they come with everything you need and are so affordable! They are also simple enough that a kid can actually do them!

Paige loves making things and she also loves wearing headbands so the Brilliant Hair Bands is perfect for her! It comes with everything you need to make eight headbands, all depending upon how you choose to do them. Paige tends to do things over the top and put as much on one as she can so it probably won’t go as far for her as it will for others!

Included are the following:


I love the selection of colors because that’s basically what her wardrobe looks like! I really liked the blue flowers because she’s a Daisy at Girl Scouts and I almost bought her a headband but it was so expensive! It actually cost more for one than the price of this entire kit!

The other crafty thing I like for her is the First Knitting. This is one of those things that she has expressed mild interest in but I really don’t want to invest in things for her only to find out she doesn’t really like it. The First Knitting kit is the perfect solution! For under $10 you can find out if your kid is really into something BEFORE really investing in it.


Again, the colors are adorable and they can make a scarf and a purse and a knitted bag! All of that! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

I really like Galt Toys for my kids for the holidays and these two items would be perfect for any little girls you have left to shop for on your list!

Product Description

Brilliant Hair Bands

Girls will love designing and creating fabulous hair accessories with the Brilliant Hair Bands Kit from Galt Toys. This kit makes 8 stylish braided hair bands. It’s easy to design these one of a kind fashion accessories by braiding the colorful fabric strips, adding flowers and beads. There’s no stitching required and everything you need is included: 30 assorted fabric strips, 25 fabric flowers, 25 beads, 8 elastic hair bands and an instruction guide. The Brilliant Hair Bands Kit is perfect for parties, sleepovers and any time that children are feeling creative. Suitable for children age 6 and over. Galt products are quality controlled and meet all American, Canadian, British and European standards for toy safety.


First Knitting

With Galt’s First Knitting kit, children aged 6 and up can learn to knit with real knitting needles, a French knitter and even a pompom tool
Make a pretty knitted bag, cute purse and fun pompom scarf, using our detailed step-by-step guide
Contains 2 balls of yarn in assorted colors, 2 knitting needles, French knitter 2 foam charms, beads, bodkin, instruction guide
With Galt’s Crafty Cases, even young children can create something beautiful to keep or give as a gift
Galt products are quality controlled and meet all American, Canadian, British and European standards for toy safety



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