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I am having so much fun getting Paige all of these doll accessory sets! I don’t remember having anything like this when I was little. I guess the comparison to the popularity of the American Girl doll of my time was the Cabbage Patch kids but they didn’t have all this fun stuff to go with them!

One that made Paige’s wish list was the Kid’s Doll Salon Accessories. She really wanted the fun salon chair! This one came with a minimal amount of assembly. I just had to screw in two screws to put the chair together and the other two pieces popped into place.

The chair, like the other Click n’ Play sets we have tried is wonderful quality but it’s probably actually my least favorite of the three items. Just like the others they went out of their way to make it very lifelike and a replica of the chairs I sit in. It has a little strap around the waist to hold the doll in and even has a foot pedal to crank the chair up and a handle to release it.

This is the part where I would say it’s not the best of their products available because it’s a little bit temperamental and doesn’t work well all the time. I would say for a kid, however, it’s good enough! And if I hadn’t gotten other things from them that were perfection, my standards probably wouldn’t be so high.

It also comes with a little accessory set to do the dolls hair including brush, hairdryer, clips, rollers and flat iron!


I know Paige will adore this salon chair, especially since it’s in her two favorite colors of pink and purple! Little girls will scream to find this under their tree this year!



Product Description

Style your dolls hair with this salon doll chair. Adjust the seats height and foot rest. Set comes with make-believe hair accessories. Salon arm chair with upholstered seat and back
Accessories include; hair brush, hair clips, hair curler, hair dryer and nail clipper
Adjustable height, foot rest flips up and down
Perfect to fit 18 inch dolls of all styles
Chair measures approximately 15 1/2 inches high and —– inches wide



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