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A few days ago I told you about the personalized book we got for Paige and we got one for Jax as well called God Gave us You Jax! I gave it to him during our nightly opening of presents that are books as a countdown to Christmas. IMG_1462

He’s not quite two yet so he isn’t familiar with opening presents so this is great practice or him! Big sis had to help him out a little!


Once he saw the book he immediately started flipping through the pages. Obviously he can’t read yet and didn’t even connect that the book was for him and about him but he was definitely interested in it anyway. That says a lot about the illustrations which are mostly what he’s into at this age.


This book answers the age old question “where did I come from?” All kids ask it at one point or another so I’m glad I have this book to read to Jax. Hopefully since I’m reading it to him before he starts asking questions, they will be answered and he will grow up knowing without having to be asked.


This book answers the question with light and humor. My older kids were cracking up at all the little side comments on the pictures like the ducks asking “Is Jax really in there?” when the mama bear is pregnant.


I love that this one had more pictures throughout and there was one I had at the beginning in the dedication that was used a few times throughout and another newborn pic at the hospital when it talks about him being born. It was like a walk down memory lane for me too!



God Gave us You is a wonderful book that is not only a great story; it’s a keepsake to treasure for life! Look below for info on a sale for Fan Faves including this book going on TODAY ONLY!




About the Book

God Gave Us You, the bestselling book in the series, features a young polar bear asking its mama a very important question: “Where did I come from?”

As Mama Bear tucks her young cub under the quilts, she gently, tenderly, and reassuringly communicates the message loving parents everywhere want their little ones to hear: “We wanted you very, very much, and we are so very glad because—God gave us you”

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