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We recently got the BluRay Inside Out and my kids have watched it at least ten times! We’re already getting to the point where they can copy the lines. I can too since I usually end up watching with them! It’s just one of those catchy movies where you can’t NOT watch if it’s on!

When it comes to Disney Pixar, my kids love anything related to it! That’s why I love Disney movies! If I want my kids to do something educational or creative, all I have to do is find something Disney movie themed like the Ravensburger Puzzles!

This Inside Out themed puzzle is for ages 5+ so it was perfect to do with my six year old daughter Paige. She loves the movie and her favorite character is Disgust so it helped to have her face on it! I like doing puzzles with Paige but she gets easily frustrated. That’s why it’s even more important to do something she loves. Nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment I see written all over her face and the pride in finishing something she started.

I like puzzles because they have to use their brains and problem solving skills to put them together. It’s such a great alternative to a toy for Christmas but one they will love equally.

If you have an Inside Out fan, check out the selection of puzzles for Ravensburger this Christmas!


Product Description

Movie fans can now let their imaginations run wild with a range of puzzles that capture all of the emotions in the Disney • PIXAR hit movie Inside Out. The new puzzling offerings feature Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness in full color so that young puzzlers can assemble scenes from the movie. Among the offerings:Inside Out: Emotions – an extra-large 200 pc panoramic puzzle with an up-close look at all of the characters. Ages 8+, SRP $13.99


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