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A few months ago I shared with all of you about my pee pee problem (as I have dubbed it) and apparently it was very interesting because since then I’ve had over 12,000 hits on my YouTube video! Did you miss it? Check it out here!

What I’ve realized throughout all of this and the comments and feedback I’ve received is that this is much more common than people think, or more pointedly, more than people admit or talk about. I even had a friend comment  saying she didn’t realize it was that common because she had a C-section instead of vaginal delivery so it didn’t affect her bladder at all. I guess there are some perks to a C-section after all!

If you’ve had a vaginal delivery though, you’ve probably experienced some bladder problems whether it be temporary or permanent. For some people it just happens as they age and the bladder wall weakens. I used to think it was embarrassing but as with most things in life I’ve learned it’s better to just laugh about it. Another thing I’ve learned though this whole campaign is that people WANT to talk about it! They want to know they aren’t alone or weird. It happens. Lets talk about it! I’ll start with my latest pee incident.

A few weeks ago we were setting up the tree. I had to move a couch out of the way. It’s got recliners in it so it’s heavier than I realized and I was doing this myself. I went to push on the couch and it didn’t budge at all. I, however, slipped right out of my house slippers, slammed my face on the couch and laughed so hard I literally peed my pants.

Now for those of you that haven’t experience this, usually when people say they peed their pants, they don’t mean full-on pee for thirty seconds. It’s usually just a little leak but enough to leave the dreaded wet spot. That’s what happened. No pee running down my leg and pooling on the floor but enough for the spot!

This is something I just deal with when it happens. I really like the Depend Silhouette Active Fit since I first tried them a few months ago but the bottom line is, I’m not going to wear them all the time. It’s not that severe of a problem and it doesn’t happen often. I reserve them for times I KNOW it’ll happen like when I exercise.

I started running a few months ago to get in shape and that’s when it inevitably happens, a slow leak when I’m a mile from my house without a bathroom or change of clothes! That is the time for Depend Silhouette Active Fit!

I actually prefer the black since my workout clothes tend to be dark but they also come in nude for when I wear something lighter.IMG_0083

I also love the fact that they are lower rise briefs because I really don’t like them hanging out of my back like some underwear do! That’s a problem I call “Big Butt, Little Waist.” Check out this video where I explain that a little further!

I am so sold on this Depend Silhouette Active Fit that I keep myself stocked up and have let my friends know they need to also! In fact, I think I’m going to get a few boxes for them for Christmas. Is it a weird gift? Maybe but it’s practical and it saves people the embarrassment from buying themselves. And knowing now what I do; I know they’ll get over it and buy it themselves once they’ve given it a try. There are great coupons available which makes it the perfect time to try for yourself!


Don’t be embarrassed. Do what you have to do! It’s a great product from a wonderful company. In fact, as part of their campaign to raise awareness and lessen the stigma, Depend will give $1 for every photo and video that is shared using the hashtag #Underwareness up to $3 million through 2016 to charities that research and educate on bladder leakage! How awesome is that?

I personally would love to see this problem cured and solved. Until then I have my Depend Silhouette Active Fit to at least hide it from the rest of the world. Even though I have no problem talking about it, no one really wants to see it!




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