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Now that our kids are in elementary school, our camping trips have lessened. We decided to make it a new holiday tradition to camp over their school breaks so we spent Thanksgiving in the dessert. It might not be your traditional holiday but it’s how we family! What matters most is the time spent together, not where it is done. We will do the same for our Christmas and New Years Breaks.

After losing my dad this year and spending so much of it taking care of Jax while he has been sick, I cherish the family time even more. We use Tylenol to treat Jax’s fevers when he has Pneumonia and this year they have a wonderful campaign highlighting the importance of family and spending time together.

Tylenol helps me take care of my families well-being and this  year they created this video showing different families celebrating in their own unique ways. Some of these family moments brought tears to my eyes!

The program highlights eleven real families including spokesperson Gabrielle Union and you can view them all here. This holiday season no matter what your traditions, enjoy every moment with the ones you love. Life is so short and it’s all about making memories with the ones you love!


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