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It’s finally cold in Southern California after weeks of hot then cold, hot then cold. There’s snow on the mountains so hopefully this time it sticks. I love my sweater and boot weather! We don’t get a lot of time to bundle up around here so I actually enjoy it when I do.

I’m a bit of a boot collector. I have too many pairs for the amount of time I actually get to wear them but I love them! I like to wear trouser socks underneath to keep my feet warm and because I prefer not to have the boot touching my legs.

I had surgery this summer to have a major varicose vein removed and I’m supposed to wear compression socks all the time. Well that doesn’t always happen. After wearing them 24/7 for three months straight after surgery I’m over them! I don’t want to have the same problem again though so I do my best to find things that have compression.

These L’eggs energy collection trouser socks have graduated compression and they are so comfortable! Sometimes when things are lightly compressed they are actually comfortable. It feels like a nice hug for your legs but not a bear hug!

I love wearing these trouser socks under my boots. They are lightweight but warm at the same time and now that it’s actually winter they are getting a lot of use! They would make a great stocking stuffer this holiday season!




Product Description

L’eggs Energy Trouser Socks offer graduated compression for beautiful, refreshed legs.
All over graduated compression combined with soft, sensuous yarns for a super soft feeling that not makes you feel great, you look great too.
Comfort leg bands.
Made with L’eggs signature fit & quality. You’re in Luck. You’re in L’eggs.®
Micro massaging legs with 360-degree support. Designed to help energize your legs.
60 denier semi-opaque appearance.
Same as retail style number O2002.

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