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I have kind of sad, limp hair. I have a lot of it but it just doesn’t want to do a whole lot for me. I have to use product to get it to cooperate with me. I don’t like using a whole lot either though because then it weighs down my hair and causes even more of a problem.

The Fat Hair Advanced Repair Formula is actually like two products in one so that’s why it appealed to me. It’s both a leave in conditioner and a styler. I had my doubts because I don’t normally like leave in conditioner but I’ll try anything once. How else do you know what works?

I was actually surprised by the texture. I hear the word conditioner and I think thick and creamy but this was the opposite. It was thinner and lighter in color. I knew I didn’t need a lot since it came in a pump top bottle and not a lot comes out at a time but it says to use a generous amount. I used a few pumps to cover my hair after I’d towel dried but before blow drying.

The smell was good and not strong and my hair felt the same instead of that heavy feeling I usually get from a leave in. I blow dryer my hair and styled like usual. I did actually notice a difference in the body of my hair. It was much fuller than usual!

It’s rare that I like a leave in product but this one definitely makes the cut. Fat Hair would make a great stocking stuffer whether it be this one or any of their other products!




Product Description

Transforms limp, damaged, dry hair into beautiful, healthy, voluptuous hair. Fat Hair Leave-In Conditioner & Styler repairs, conditions, and revives your hair, all while adding volume, body, texture and shine. This special lightweight formula is the perfect way to add leave-in conditioning to any style.


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