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When I had my first baby almost eight years ago, I had to go back to work. Since I was a working mom, I really could not find the time to make his baby food so I just bought what I thought would be the healthiest for him. With my second baby I was blessed enough to be able to quit my job and stay home with my kids. I decided to make it a priority to make her baby food for her to have the healthiest start possible.

I bought the baby bullet that was so popular at the time and it did the job but there were a lot of things that didn’t work for me and it didn’t last past one baby. The blender part stopped working and the containers cracked and broke on the bottom.

When I saw the Sage Spoonfuls Glass Homemade Essentials Package this time around, I figured it was worth a shot. I knew the second I open the box that this was going to be top quality. The first thing I saw when I opened the outer box on top was a recipe book that was an actual real book with a hardback cover and everything that would last. The next thing I noticed was that the storage containers were glass. I had a glass baby bottles for Jax and I really liked them. I felt like I could really get them completely clean and actually see the clean. They could be sterilized without worrying about mold buildup and things that you find in some plastic bottles. The same can be said for baby food so it makes sense that they would be glass!


They were also a much bigger size than my last set so they could hold more. When the baby starts out those teeny little bottles might be OK but with my kids it wasn’t long before they needed several of them to fill them up. This 4 ounce size works much better for a serving size.

The next thing I opened it was the immersion blender with food processor. I have actually never owned either before so it was hard to know what I was looking for but I could tell just by feel and putting together the immersion blender that they were really good, solid quality.


To start I wanted to keep it really simple! I like to make sure I know HOW things work before I try to get fancy with them! Jax is a little bit past baby food but he still eats certain things like pureed fruit. His favorite is applesauce so that was an easy enough beginning!

First I read the directions and apples were actually one of the things listed as NOT to do uncooked or they might clog the blades. I peeled, cooked and sliced a couple apples to get them ready. They would probably do better in the food processor portion but I was more eager to play with the handheld immersion blender since I’ve never used one before! I put the apples in a glass bowl as instructed (or stainless steel works).


Then I just pulsed the immersion blender on them until they were smashed. I didn’t time it but it was less than a minute.


I had only used two apples for my trial and it filled up two of the jars.


The jars come with little labels if you want to mark what they are and the date so you know when to use by. I don’t have that problem anymore since nothing usually lasts past me making it! Jax is quite the eater, especially when it comes to applesauce! Since I’m a stay at home mom I like to make things and then serve them but I do like to make a little extra to have for later so those will come in handy.

The immersion blender worked well but didn’t get out 100% of the chunks. The food processor is probably a better bet for babies first starting out on food who can’t handle the chunks but I feel like the immersion blender is so much faster and easier to use and to clean! I just detached the top portion, ran it under hot water and it came clean instantly without scrubbing.

After trying different methods I really like the Sage Spoonfuls system. They have lots of different options available from on the go to the lifestyle package. The book is amazing and includes a guide of what your baby can eat and when. Even after three babies I had to look things up with Jax because I couldn’t remember. It’s nice to have a guide to help along the way.

The Sage Spoonfuls package is top quality and will last for years to come, longer than my baby needs it. That’s what nice about this though is it doesn’t have to be strictly for baby food! The food processor can be used like a regular one and the immersion blender can make all kinds of things!

This would make a great gift for the moms in your life getting ready to start their babies out on food! Enter to win one below!




Product Description

Homemade baby food has never been easier! The Glass Homemade Essentials Package is an award-winning system that allows you to make, serve and store your homemade baby food with ease! Included is our award-winning 227 page hard cover, spiral bound book that tells you everything you need to know about starting your baby on solids, organics, food allergies and intolerances, nutrition, choking 911, foods to avoid and FAQ’s. Plus 66 easy to prepare recipes and hundreds of yummy food combinations to fit every baby’s needs. Puree your baby food in just seconds with our immersion blender and food processor, which can also be used beyond the baby food stage to make soups, smoothies, hummus and more! Storage is an easy 1-step process with our Eco-friendly Glass jars. They have a convenient 4oz capacity and are leak proof, freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. Jars have easy to use screw on lids. Each kit comes with 24 ounces of baby food storage! Plus, no more guessing what’s in the jars or when it was made, label and date your baby’s food with our biodegradable, easy to remove labels. Keep the handy pocket guide in your diaper bag for the quick reference of age appropriate foods, yummy combos, infant CPR, food to avoid and more! Package includes: 1 book, 6 Glass 4oz storage jars, 60 labels, immersion blender w/ food processor attachment and pocket guide. All products are BPA, Phthalate, Lead and PVC free!


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  1. Right now, my little one loves sweet potatoes!

  2. Apples are our favorite currently…changes all the time!

  3. Bananas

  4. Sweet potatoes and carrots.

  5. My daughter love avocado

  6. Kayleigh Chaloux says:

    My son loves avocados especially with his tacos so I usually hand mash them so it’s easier to spread! This would be a quick fix along with making my daughter homemade apple sauce

  7. Heather Dawn says:

    My son loves sweet potatoes!

  8. My baby’s favorites right now are kiwi, avocado, and chicken!

  9. Avocado 🙂 This would be a dream to win! Imagine the puree possibilities!

  10. Gabby Anderson says:

    Right now my son is obsessed with mangos and bananas

  11. Green smoothies!

  12. Lauren Ann says:


  13. Stephanie Jackson says:

    My daughter loves butternut squash!

  14. My grandson is real good about eating his vegetables, and one of his favorite snacks to have is cheese.

  15. terry maigi says:

    My daughter loves bananas!

  16. My littlest is just starting out on solid foods, and so far he eats everything! Next up: chicken and broccoli!

  17. Cassandra Eastman says:

    My 8 month old loves avacado!

  18. Their favorite healthy food is sweet potatoes!

  19. Kristen Mulkey says:

    Would love this! My boys love applesauce and can’t wait for my baby girl Kennedy to try healthy baby food!

  20. Natalia mur says:

    absolutely would love to win this!

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