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Since my two boys, ages three and seven, really enjoy the Magic School Bus shows and books, they were pretty excited to play the Magic School Bus Science Explosion game! I think the shows and the books are great too because they are educational, so I knew the game would be fun and educational too.

There are actually two different games; one on each side of the game board. We played the shorter game of the two sides. The cards that you draw should be read so that you learn a whole lot of different science information and facts. The excitement is being able to add baking soda to your cup and then finally adding your cup to the vinegar in the volcano to make it explode!


We have done the baking soda and vinegar experiment before so my kids knew what to expect, but we were still excited! The black volcano piece was a little flattened and would not really take the shape of a volcano. That did not get in the way of the volcano working though.


My kids had fun and the cleanup was not too bad.

I think my nephew will really like this game too so we will get him the Magic School Bust Science Explosion game this year for Christmas. Do you know any kids that like to play games, like the Magic School Bus, or like science? This would be a great Christmas gift for them.


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Learn all about the different fields of sciences and be the first player to explode the volcano. Science Explosion includes two exciting games in one! Match science-based topic cards to master cards in one game and use memory and strategy skills in another game! The game comes with a large laminated two-sided board, volcano, bowl, 4 colored measuring cups, clear measuring cup, 16 science master cards, and 80 science topic cards. Get ready for a science adventure! Wahoo! It’s time to burn rubber and discover! (Ages: 5 and up)


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