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My kids have watched Doc McStuffins since the show first aired a few years ago. It’s one of those shows that I actually enjoy myself. It’s just really different from anything else that’s on.

My daughter’s favorite character is Lambie because she loves all things girly and feminine so when I saw the book Cuddle Me, Lambie, I thought it would make a great gift for her. She’s in first grade and just learning to read. It’s for ages 3 – 5 but since she’s an early reader, it’s a good practice book for her in something she’s interested in.

Doc and Lambie are the best of friends and friendship is very important to kids this age. My daughter is all about her friends so it also happened to be on a subject that’s very much a part of her life.

The book is based on an actual episode called “A Day Without Cuddles.” Of course International Cuddle Day is interrupted when Lambie comes down with a mysterious illness that Doc must diagnose. The books is very much in line with all of the episodes in the way that it is written. It’s basically like reading an episode.

The book itself is cute with a hardcover that has indentations of Doctors tools, hearts and flowers along the edge which is a very nice touch and makes it a nicer book for a gift. The illustrations are just like the show so your kiddos will recognize all of their favorite characters.

If you have a Doc fan in the house, they will love Cuddle Me, Lambie for Christmas this year!



About the Book

Doc McStuffins and Lambie are the best of friends. They do everything together-they dance together, dress-up together, and, most importantly, they cuddle together! Join these two adorable BFFs in their heartwarming and baa-utiful adventures in this signature keepsake storybook with colorful illustrations.

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