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Jax wants so badly to be a big boy and do everything his brother and sister do. That includes butting in when they are playing with all their toys which presents a big problem when it’s a building toy and something he can destroy! That’s why I really appreciate that Galt Toys has building things for the littles!

When I first saw First Octons I admit I thought oh no, more pieces. But for some reason with these that doesn’t seem to matter because they don’t end up all over the place like I thought they would.

Looking at the picture I thought the straight lines were sticks that connect them but they actually just connect to each other. It’s so easy my two year old can do it! There’s finally something to put together that he can manage on his own so he’s thrilled and so am I! (Note these are recommended for three and up so keep that in mind).


With eight slats in each there are plenty of options to choose from! They can make numerous combinations of things and Jax had a blast on our latest camping trip putting them together however he saw fit!

I like the bold colors that he will probably be learning about this year and that the pieces are fat enough for his toddler hands to handle and manageable enough for him to do on his own. They also slide in easily. I was worried at first he wouldn’t have the motor skills to be able to put them together but it just took him a few minutes to figure it out.


Galt toys has been a favorite of mine for toys for my kids that have some educational value developmentally and these Octons are no exception!

We also tried the Galt Connecta Straws and these were a little bit harder to work with. They are for ages six and up and my six year old Paige got easily frustrated and moved on so I think the 6+ recommendation is probably pretty accurate. It has smaller parts so they are more of a choking hazard than the Octons we tried so we had to be careful with my little one around.

There are over 200 pieces so this one comes with a lot of little parts. You can make different things with the straws by connecting them. They also have the bright, bold colors and can be bent and twisted to create different things. I actually had fun playing with them after Paige left but I’m not as creative as a child! I tried to imitate some of the pictures but it’s not as easy as it looks. It definitely requires some imagination.


If your child likes to build than the Connecta Straws would be a great gift for them this Christmas!


Product Description

First Octons

48 bright fluorescent octagonal shapes in 6 assorted colours. Children can follow the illustrated guide to make exciting models or design imaginative structures of their own. An ideal first construction toy.


Connecta Straws

A wide variety of interesting models and designs may be constructed with this set containing over 200 pieces of flexible plastic straws, connectors, wheels and building rings.



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  1. Granmama15 says:

    My grandchildren would LOVE these! They are building “machines.”

  2. I would give this to my nephews!

  3. I would like these for my grandson

  4. Cassandra Eastman says:

    These would be for my 4 & 6 year old if I won!

  5. Julie Lundstrom says:

    These would be for my son & nephew.

  6. My son and daughter would love it!

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