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My six year old Paige got her first real doll this year, much like the popular American Girl doll, and she has been begging for accessories ever since. I knew it would be at the top of her Christmas list this year!

She asked for things like the Scooter and Hair Salon which she’ll be getting but I also found this wheelchair and crutch set I wanted her to have. Christmas is a time to be thankful and remember those less fortunate than us. My dad lived the last year of his life in a home for dementia and alzheimer’s patients and he ended up in a wheelchair the last few months of his life. Paige had a lot of questions about that.

I think having these dolls imitate real life is a way to help them deal with and understand it. It also gives them an outlet with play to express their feelings, re-inact things and just work out their emotions. Since seeing Grandpa in a wheelchair she notices them a lot now. She always has questions about how that person got there. We’ve talked about how some people get sick, some just break limbs and others are born needing this assistance for life.


This wheelchair and crutch set is a great way for her to make this a part of normal life in her mind. When I think of doll accessories I don’t think of them being that well made so I was pleasantly surprised by this set. The wheelchair is so realistic!


It even has the hand breaks on the side and the front wheels that pivot and turn when you do! My two year old Jax saw those wheels and wanted to push them around and race them like a race car! I couldn’t believe the way they moved no matter how fast he went!


It also collapses in half like a regular wheelchair. It comes that way folded in the box which is nice because there is absolutely no assembly required. Thank goodness!

The crutches are also very realistic and I love that everything is in pink. Paige will love it too! The cast and arm band just snap on. If anything were to break I would think it might be one of them but that wheelchair looks like it has some lasting power!

This Christmas I think it’s important to remind our kids that some people are different from us and have different problems and disabilities. Letting them work out their feelings with play is such an important part of childhood. I’m glad that doll accessories like this are available and not just outfits and fun things!




Product Description

A complete healing set that allows your doll to rest and recover set includes a fold-able wheelchair with wheels that really roll and a foot cast and leg cast with sticker. Its size fits 18 inch dolls like the American girl. A complete wheelchair healing set for your doll
Set includes; wheelchair 1 pair of crutches 2 casts one for arm and one for the lower leg
Wheelchair is fold-able and wheels roll. No Assembly Required
Wheelchair and accessories fits for 18 inch dolls, like the American Girl
Packaged in a color box and makes an amazing gift


Elf on the Shelf Idea!

If you do Elf on the Shelf they also fit perfectly in this wheelchair!



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