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We have a fun family Christmas tradition of opening a book to read every night before bed. I used all my leftover wrapping paper last year to have my books ready to go! It’s a tradition my kids love because they get to open things before Christmas and I love it because it’s become a very special family time for all of us.


Every year I like to add a few new titles and phase out the ones they have either outgrown or aren’t really into. This year we had three really special books to add to our collection.


I really enjoy having personalized books made for my kids. The way their faces light up is priceless. It was especially fun with Paige his year now that she’s in first grade and can read. She was immediately able to recognize that the book was for her and about her.

For Paige’s book I chose God Gave Us Christmas. It was really easy for me to make. I did it all on one page and basically just had to fill in her name, a dedication and upload a picture and they did the rest! I much prefer this to the books you completely design yourself. That’s too much pressure and honestly, who has the time for it. This literally took five minutes and I had it in my hands a week later.

Paige loved reading the story that had her name throughout. I couldn’t believe how many times they managed to put her name in. She had fun trying to find her name in the extra little captions and pictures!

The story itself is wonderful and has adorable illustrations that all three of my kids enjoyed. The message was much deeper and detailed than I expected from a Christmas book. I really thought it would just be a cutesy little book with her name in it but this probably does the best job I’ve ever seen of explaining Christmas, even tying Santa into it.

The other books I got were God Gave us You for Jax and Twas the Night Before Christmas for Reed. I’ll do a complete review for these later but now you can enter to win Twas the Night Before Christmas AND two other books along with the $750 Visa Gift Card Grand Prize! See below for complete details and link to enter.

These books make such a wonderful keepsake for children. They can cherish them for years to come. What better gift to give this Christmas instead of the countless toys they will surely get.


This is a gift to cherish and their faces will light up in a way you will never forget!




About the Book

Embark on a polar expedition with your curious little child and discover the meaning of Christmas. Your child will step into the story, becoming the cuddly and curious polar bear cub who wants to know, “Who invented Christmas?” You and your child will join lots of animal friends as you discover that God and his love exists everywhere, even atop the snowiest mountains and inside the coziest homes. Teach your sweetie that God is the most important part of the Christmas holiday and every day. Spread a message of grace and generosity this holiday season and for many more years to come.

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