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Okay so I have to admit when I got this Red Carpet Gel Polish Pro Kit it made me excited to have some fun and be girly! I never paint my fingernails or even really take care of them that well. I paint my toenails and will go in for an occasional pedicure, but I feel like if I take the time to paint my fingernails or even have someone else paint them, it just chips the next day and then looks worse than doing nothing. So that is what I have done, nothing.

I had never tried Gel Polish before and I guess this has been the secret I needed to learn; this kit has changed my mind and is helping my efforts last. The paint on my nails lasted about a week before I started to peel it off. Not too bad for my first time, but I know I will do more coats and more maintenance next time to help it last longer.


I did follow the directions which were very clear and I found it was easy to do a nice job on my nails even when I had to paint using my left hand! The light worked and did its job. I found I could paint right after the light.

My Red Carpet Gel Polish Pro Kit came with the color Good as Gold, which is probably much more forgiving than say a red color. I really like the Good as Gold color and I think it will be perfect for the holidays. I think when I do my nails again before Christmas, I will put three coats of Good as Gold instead of the one I put on this time.


Do you know someone who likes to paint their nails? I know the Red Carpet Gel Polish Pro Kit would be a great gift this Christmas, especially for someone that likes to do their nails!


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Product Description

The Red Carpet Manicure Limited-Edition 2015 Holiday Pro Kit contains everything you need for a professional salon gel manicure at home this holiday season.

The portable LED Light has been festively dipped in gold for the holidays and is specially designed to efficiently cure RCM Structure, LED Gel Polish, and Brilliance in minutes. Featuring a potable battery operated LED light plus a USB plug, you will be ready for a manicure anywhere, anytime.


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