Make it a Pokemon Christmas this Year! @Tomy_Toy #Tomy.Toy


My seven year old just discovered Pokemon this summer and has been hooked ever since. We have watched the shows and have started collecting the trading cards and we were even Pokemon for Halloween.

The Pokemon Battle Action Mega Charizard and Groudon are really nice action figures. Charizard is about six inches high and Gourdon is ten inches high which is realistic for how tall they are really supposed to be.


My sons, ages seven and three, are very into Pokemon so I am sure we will be re-decorating one or both of their rooms soon. I see these action figures as great for a shelf as decor, but also perfect to take down to let them play with them!

They are made well out of a good durable plastic and should last in their Pokemon battle reenactments here at home! Charizard’s wings and head moves and his mouth opens making him very realistic for the kids imaginative play. You can also move the legs and arms.


Grourdon’s head, legs and arms move too. I know these action figures will be a hit with my kids and will enhance their play. I’ll be looking to get additional action figures too, especially Pikachu to make this a great Christmas present for my boys this year!


When I was shopping for my kids Halloween costumes online my oldest son saw this Pokemon Interactive Pokedex. I knew he would want it! As suspected, it made the Christmas list!


The Interactive Pokedex is touch screen and has a few buttons on it as well. It works pretty well. I did have to look at the instructions to be able to enter my son’s name, but it was not a big deal. I like the look of the graphics it and navigating around is easy. It is not the technology for today’s tablets, but it seems to be just like the Pokedex that Ash has. There is a ton of trivia that I know my son is going to dig. My son is going to love it this Christmas!


If you have Pokemon fans in your house, whether young or old, these would make great gifts under the tree this year!


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Product Description

For the first time ever, Pokémon figures are available in relative scale to one another – based on their actual size. Great for collecting, or to use with the new Ash’s Arena Challenge. Each sold separately. Prices vary. Suggested Ages: 4 years+. Available at Toys R Us.

Calling all Pokémon trainers…equip yourself with the world’s most advanced and complete Kalos Region Pokédex! Your touchscreen Pokédex includes ten modes of play and two additional unlockable play modes for endless Pokémon fun. The full-color LCD screen is perfect for exploring Lumiose City or catching Pokémon in Adventure Mode.

Think you’re a Pokémon expert? Put your knowledge to the test with over 1,300 quiz questions, and learn about more than 450 Pokémon found in the Kalos Region! The accurate styling and open/close feature of the Pokédex make it easily portable and perfect for realistic play.

Personalize your Pokédex with wallpapers or take pictures with your fellow trainers and customize with 6 different frames. Then use the mini SD slot to easily transfer your favorite Pokémon pictures (Mini SD card not included).

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    Make it a Pokemon Christmas this Year! @Tomy_Toy #Tomy.Toy

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