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My daughter has a room fit for…well, a princess of course! After all she is the only girl with two brothers and so we have to make her feel a little extra special. IMG_1340

Yesterday I shared the Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker we got for Reed so it just wouldn’t be fair to not get something equally amazing for Paige. What better for a princess room than a Cinderella Fashion bluetooth speaker in the shape of her carriage! What else?


Her room is Ariel, Aurora and Cinderella: her three favorite princesses!


We all know that Cinderella reigns supreme! She’s just a classic and my personal favorite from my childhood so I love that I can share this love with Paige!

This Cinderella Carriage is literally breathtaking! It is just beautiful sparkly gold and looks exactly like you’d imagine it to be.


My husband was making fun of me for how much I love it and is taking bets on whether or not I give it to Paige or keep it for myself.

Like the Star Wars speaker, it was easy to pair with her iPad. I just searched using the Bluetooth and switched the button on the back of the carriage to search mode. (It’s kind of hard to see because of all it’s sparkly fabulousness but it’s there).


Once I paired it, I had to play some Cinderella music to test the sound.

I have to say I wasn’t AS impressed as I was with the Star Wars one. It just wasn’t as loud or clear sounding. But that could just be the nature of the music since the Star Wars theme blasts! Either way, it doesn’t matter. I’m in love with this Cinderella bluetooth speaker. It’s just so pretty and princessy! I can almost hear the gasp that will come out of Paige’s mouth when she opens it. If I can let it go that is….

If you have a princess in your life who needs a bluetooth speaker, this is THE ONE!




Product Description

Stunning carriage speaker inspired by Disney’s Cinderella
Wirelessly stream audio from any Bluetooth enabled device
High quality sound that’s fit for a princess


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