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My husband is a bit of a car buff and to say a bit is actually the understatement of the year. He is completely obsessed with anything with a motor including cars, trucks, quads, dirt bikes and motorcycles. I can’t go into the garage without seeing one of our vehicles taken apart. He claims he is fixing them but I think he just likes to play with them. It’s a good hobby to have when your husband can fix it all. Unfortunately there are also downfalls.

Whenever I want to get the kids anything that’s an automobile, I have to hear from him about how cheaply made it is or how unrealistic some of the components are. Sometimes you just want to buy your kid a fun vehicle to play with and he kind of takes the fun out of that. You can imagine my surprise when I showed him these cars from Modarri and he said “those are pretty cool.” I have never heard him say anything close to complementary regarding a toy vehicle for our children. That’s as close of a ringing endorsement as it gets from Justin!

What’s truly unique about these cars that I have not seen before is that you can modify them and interchange the parts between them because they are all removable and interchangeable. They come with a swivel back hex tool to make any of the adjustments that you would need. They also have decals and cute little cones to set up your own race track.


If you have one car you can make a five different combinations. If you have three cars there are over 35,000 different combinations and with six cars there are over 3 million combinations! That allows for a lot of creativity which I feel is especially important for boys like my seven-year-old who is really into video games and doesn’t play with things like cars as much as he used to. I have a feeling these have the power to change his mind.


Because of this, my husband wants to give these to my seven-year-old for Christmas. Unfortunately, to try them out I let my two-year-old play with them just to see how well they worked and now I think we will have a hard time getting them away from him!


These DO have small parts and are not recommended for children under three. However, I just let him play with them while I was with him and believe me, he won’t be taking that pacifier out of his mouth to put anything else in it! But just to be safe, the age recommendation is officially 8+.

We have the dirt car and the street car which is fun because we do a lot of desert camping with our toys so the dirt one is really a realistic part of our lives. The street one is really cool looking and my personal favorite. Jax says they are both his favorite! He wouldn’t even share them with me! I took a little video so you can see the way they move.

Here’s the best part about these cars: (well the best part for moms anyway…) they are $19.95! I know! I didn’t see that coming either. I always guess things before I look at the price to see how close I am. I really imagined these in the $30 – $50 range considering their quality. I’ve paid more than that for junky cars just for their brand! Imagine being able to put one of these bad boys under your tree for $20!!


These cars from Modarri are seriously awesome. Even I’m impressed after playing with them with Jax and I don’t get excited about cars. These would make a great gift for the boys on your list, and the parents too!




Product Description

S1 Street Car

Like all Modarri miniatures, the S1 arrives with a unique plate number. You’ll get decals, orange cones and a hex tool for rebuilding the car different ways! You can also combine its parts with those from other Modarris. Recommended for ages 8+. Small parts. Not for children 0-3 years. Ships from California.


X1 Dirt Car
The rugged X1 arrives with decals, orange cones and a hex tool. Use the tool to rebuild the car different ways! You can also use parts from other Modarri car models. Recommended for ages 8+. Small parts. Not for children 0-3 years. Ships from California.


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