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We got the Sevi Airport right after our Grandma and Grandpa visited. We pick them up and drop them off at the airport each time they visit, so it was perfect timing to put the Sevi Airport together to play and talk about their travels. I think the best part about it was putting it together with my three year old son. He had so much fun punching out all the little pieces. He handed me the pieces as I fit them together to make the airport. He was able to put the airplanes together and a couple of the walls too.


We played with it for a while and as I told him I was going clean up and throw the trash away, he wanted to help with that too. He is in a very helpful stage with I am thankful for, but I kinda wanted him to stay and play. He then played with it again later in the day with his brother who is seven. They switched out all the plane wings and ran the planes all over the house.


The Sevi Airport is a soft toy, it can be taken apart and put away (I really like that), and it is basic for great imaginary play (no batteries needed!). My three year old does play independently, and probably will with this toy, but for now he wants to play with me and/or his brother (which is a good thing). I am thinking that he probably wants to learn how we play with it since we have never had or even played with an airport toy before.


I think it is important to mention it the Sevi Airport is made of recycled materials, but has a closed cell structure to the foam so it will not grow bacteria. As I was thinking of who else we could get this toy for this Christmas, I mentally crossed off anyone who puts toys in their mouths (even those 3 and older sometimes do). Although the foam would not grow things from their slobber, haha, I would not want them to bite into these because their teeth will leave marks! After considering all that, we have a couple friends on our list that I think the Sevi Airport would be great for!


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Product Description

Attention jet-setters: Sevi Airport would like to welcome you to their international airport!

Recently constructed from a newly designed and eco-friendly material, there are no hard edges here. This 61-piece set is easily assembled to create a bustling airport complete with control tower, 5 planes, flight attendants, passengers, pilots and even the Marshalls on the tarmac who help guild the planes with their flashlights.

Once the airport has been built, watch as your child’s imagination soars to new heights! In addition to using three-dimensional thinking, patience, dexterity and motor skills during the build, storytelling will certainly be promoted as they make planes land and take off!

Offering a colorful and meaningful play experience for both girls and boys, the material used is non-toxic and recyclable – so it’s a win for everyone, including Mother Nature!

Sevi’s 2015 collection of play-sets promote creativity and imagination, while also helping little ones develop fine motor skills, patience and concentration. Each of Sevi’s play-sets are geared towards tots aged 3+.


Now in their 184th year, Sevi is Europe’s oldest wooden toy manufacturer. With all of their designs originating with specially trained toy designers in Italy, Sevi products are then produced in the Far East in a Trudi-run factory employing local artisans under fair and safe working conditions.

All of Sevi’s products are extremely durable, eco-friendly, and kid safe. Each has been thoroughly and rigorously tested by an independent lab to meet or exceed all European and US federal regulations for children’s toys. Parents never need to worry about the quality or safety of any Sevi product.

Additionally, Sevi abides by 10 of their own unique commandments which focus on the design, quality, and educational benefits of the finished product. Sevi has long chosen wood as their primary medium because it is “a living, natural material,” but in recent years they’ve begun introducing other child- and eco-friendly materials as well! “Love nature, play wood, enjoy Sevi.”


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