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I have waxed my legs for a really long time. I have done it myself and I have had it done at a salon. I have tried several waxes and waxing heaters. Some work and some not so much. I think partly it has to do you your skin and hair-meaning you just have to find the right combination for you.

I usually like a system that includes the wax in a roller container, but I have found out the company I like will now only be making it in a tub in which then you have to use a spatula for the application. This wax by Parissa is also in a tub and needs to be applied with a spatula. I figured since I am going to have to get used to this type of wax application I could try this wax by Parissa. The Parissa wax is organic and it is a sugar wax which I have been wanting to try.

I decided to do my toe first to try out the wax and make sure it worked well and that I did not get irritated by it. Yes, my toe, my big toe is hairy!


I heated the wax in my microwave for twenty seconds as it directed. Then I scooped up a little wax on the spatula and applied it in the direction of the hair.


After I pressed the strip down and in the direction of the hair and pulled it off in the opposite direction of the hair.


It worked great and I was happy with everything! The only thing I suggest is that you take some wax paper to put over the tub before you put the lid back on to store it away so that it does not get stuck.

Women love to pamper themselves and if you are looking for a gift for the special gals in your life, Parissa Cire Bio would make a great stocking stuffer! It’s also a great time of year to pamper yourself!


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Product Description

Parissa Organic Wax for Legs, Body & Face ($19.99)
Festively packaged in holiday green, Parissa’s Organic Wax is affordably luxurious providing indulgence in a natural, sustainable lifestyle while still resulting in soft, smooth skin. Give a gift this holiday season that will make the recipient feel beautiful from the inside out!
Combination of organically grown cane sugar and organic chamomile
Easy to use
Heat up body sugar in microwave and spreadable liquid formula zips right off!


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