The Lantern that Doubles as a Night Light was Great for Camping! #LEDLight #Camping #Nightlight


We love to go camping as a family. In fact our new Thanksgiving holiday tradition is camping in the dessert. That means generator only with no hookups! My kids love this! They all have their own gear with flashlights and lanterns. Paige’s lantern died this time so we had to get a new one.


The thing I liked about this one is its ability to recharge. Since we have a generator we have the ability to plug it in if necessary but we didn’t have to charge it once during our four day trip.

I like that it has different levels of brightness. This came in especially handy in the trailer at night when we would need to see something but didn’t want it too bright to wake anyone else up.

The brightness is adjusted with the simple turn of a bob and it clicks so that you know when you have it all the way in the off position.

Another great feature is the timer that you can push down and set for ten minutes. I used this as a nightlight for the kids and by the time the ten minutes were up, they were out!

Paige really likes having the handle to hold onto. She would walk around holding it and swinging it in her hand.

The light is bright enough to light up the inside of our twenty foot trailer pretty well.

It’s a bit of a loose connection between the light and the base it charges on so you just have to make sure to put it down on a solid surface to charge it.

This lantern came in really handy for our camping trip and would be a great emergency light to have on hand in the house if the power went out or in the case of a natural disaster. Since it lasts a long time and gives off great light it would definitely be the thing to keep in your disaster preparedness kit!




Product Description

Accompany you through all the happiness moment with brightness and warmth.

1.Emergency Backup,Will light up automatically till 10 minutes later when you pick it up from the charge seat or your power goes off.
2.Sleep Assistance,Adopted with scientific time setting function,will turn off automatically after 10 minutes since set it on,perfect for baby and kids.
3.Adjustable brightness by rotate the button as you need.
4.Portable,very convenient for carry around.
5.Fashion and high-end appearance with sweet light makes perfect homey atmosphere
6.Low-Carbon,adopted with green energy saving LED,1 kWh for half a year .
7.Practical,built-in recyclable lithium battery with capability of 1600MA,can run 3-12 hours with full charge.



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