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My older two kids have always enjoyed playing dress up and now that Jax is almost two, he’s joining right along side his big brother and sister! A lot of times they play with old hand me down costumes or things I’ve picked up at yard sales but they seem to wear them out pretty fast. It’s hard to find good quality dress up clothes because they just aren’t designed to last.

When I got a Jr Firefighter Suit for Jax, I was literally shocked by the quality when it arrived. This could be a real fireman’s uniform and it’s obvious they designed it with just that in mind!


From head to toe this suit is designed to last! It is super thick material that will most definitely last longer than Jax can fit into it! We got him a size 2/3 and since he is just about to turn 2, it was pretty big on him. We are looking forward to him growing into it. For now he just enjoys wearing the hat but when his friend Wesley came over for a playdate, he was happy to have something new to dress up in!


What really struck me is the attention to detail. It really is so lifelike! The glow strips really work and there are lots of handy pockets to put things in, as any firefighter would need! It zips closed in front for a good fit but also has a velcro fold over. This would be great to wear on Halloween night when it gets a bit chill outside!


I think my absolute favorite detail is the suspenders! They are real suspenders, not some cheap imitation!


The hat is also a nice solid material, not the usual thin plastic costume hats are normally made from. It even has a hook on the back so they can hang it right up when they get back from putting out fires!


I am so in love with this costume I can’t wait until Jax grows a little and can fit into it! He’s started pointing out every firetruck on the rode and I know he will love it as all boys do.

This Christmas when shopping for the little ones, if you want a real quality, lifelike costume, check out the selection at Aeromax. The only problem you’ll run into is, which one to choose!




Product Description

It’s HOT! HOT! HOT! The most official looking bunker gear for kids anywhere. The Jr. Fire Fighter is sure to make little kids into big heroes. Includes: Coat with hook and loop with zipper closure, pockets, authentic gauntlet cuffs, & reinforced elbow patches. Striping has a reflective element to keep kids safe in the dark. Adjustable bib overalls with pockets & reinforced knee patches and adjustable suspenders. Helmet sold separately.


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