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Confession: I secretly hoped against hope that my six year old daughter Paige would never get into American Girl Dolls. I know; I’m a mean mommy. I can live with that. What I can’t live with is spending over $100 on a doll. That doesn’t even include all the outfits and beds, and campers and motor scooters and…it goes on and on. I just can’t do it. I can’t spend $1000 to get a doll everything she “needs.”

I really thought I had escaped it but then, it happened. Somehow, someway an American Girl catalogue came in the mail and Paige got her hands on it! She got right to work telling me the doll she liked best and everything she wanted for her. My fear had come to fruition. I was living my nightmare.

Luckily I knew that there were comparable versions out there so I started doing some research to the stores I knew had their own version. But what I really wanted in my heart of hearts was what every girl secretly wants: a doll named after her. And I found her! Meet Paige!


Paige comes from the Springfield Collection and she is 18″ just like all the other popular dolls like her. She is soft and pose able with eyes that open and close.


She’s just perfect. And even better – she won’t cost an arm and a leg. These dolls cost just $21.99!! Their new collection includes five other dolls in addition to Paige including: Abby, Maria, Olivia, Emma and Madison. I noticed that they also happen to be many of the popular little girl names right now.

Paige is exactly what I was looking for this Christmas for Paige! I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees her under the tree and that her name is Paige.


In addition to the dolls, of course they need outfits! Again, they are extremely reasonably priced and come in all different styles to meet every little girls needs!


Paige is all about her friends and I have a feeling we’ll be adding some more “friends” for Paige after she sees this doll. That’s why the friendship outfit was perfect for her doll.


American Girl doll thankfully doesn’t have a Paige but even if they make one, she’s young enough that she doesn’t understand or care about the name brand and she doesn’t have to have the one other people have. The only name she cares about is the one she’s going to get: Paige! Thanks to the new Springfield Collection, that’s exactly what she’s going to get!




About the Doll

Paige is one of the Springfield Collection Dolls® and has a soft, huggable body, with long, silky brown hair for styling. She’s an 18-inch doll with a soft cloth body and a smooth vinyl head and limbs. Her long-lashed, sparkling, lifelike brown eyes open and close, and she’s posable with jointed arms and legs for hours of play and pretend! Shoes and accessories are sold separately. so don’t forget to add them to your order!

Become an SF Style Club member! Visit to dress the dolls in your own creations, create your own style gallery, share your looks with friends and family and much more. The more points you earn through online play, the more special surprises you unlock!

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