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With three kids in the house, you know what that means: lots and lots of Legos! There are Legos everywhere! I always suck a few up when I vacuum and always seem to step on them if I have to get up in the middle of the night. You get the picture. All three of my kids love Legos, even Jax who is just about to turn two.

Here’s the problem. I don’t love Legos. I know – it’s terrible. I’m a horrible mother for not loving Legos. I just get so frustrated with my kids because we pay all this money for them, they build the set once and then they are done. They TRY to keep them together but then a piece breaks off and then another and then they just get stored away in the big Lego head (you know the one) never to be played with again. It’s sad really.

That’s why when I heard about Pley I thought YES, why didn’t someone think of this before? It’s really simple. You RENT Lego sets. That means when your kid builds them and is DONE, you can be done too! You just box it up and ship it back from whence it came! Goodbye Lego set; we are ready for the next one!

I decided to give it a shot! The first thing you do is fill out some info about your kids and ages which helps them gauge what sets would work best for your family. Then you create your Pleylist (how cute is that?) I like that you can actually select the set you want. They picked one for me but I swapped it out for something else.

I admit I was a little bit worried about losing them so I went with a super simple, small set for Jax to start. I kind of wanted to see how this would play out before I ordered a three hundred piece set! I went with a Duplo set for him since he’s a toddler and he recently discovered the joy of “choo choo’s” so I selected the Number Train. After all, we might as well make it educational while we’re at it and work on his numbers!


A couple days after I selected it, it magically appeared at my door! It came in a zip mesh bag instead of that giant annoying box they come in. I like the option to zip it close so we don’t lose pieces! Jax immediately saw it and started putting together his train! I was a little surprised there weren’t directions but hopefully the larger sets come with them. In this case it was pretty self explanatory and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway since Jax is almost two so you know, he knows everything! He did MOSTLY put it together right. The pieces he decided not to use I put back in the handy mesh bag. Can you tell I’m a little paranoid about losing pieces?


The bottom line is that when something doesn’t belong to you, you take better care of it than if it were your own. Sad but true. When he was done playing, or pleying I should say; I made sure to count the pieces and put them all away. The bag has a little label on it that tells you how many pieces and characters should be included. I love this feature! Now I KNOW they are all in there.

Of course I was curious so looked under the FAQ to see what happens if you DO lose a piece and the response gave me peace of mind:

No worries, we understand that pieces can get lost during play. Our plans include a guarantee so that you will not be charged if normal loss occurs.
If you are unable to find a piece, don’t hesitate to compliment your Pley set with a piece of your own, that’s what our Star Pleyers do!

If you have any other questions about how it works I found the FAQ very helpful. In fact I learned some things I wasn’t looking for specifically but were good to know like that you CAN purchase if your kids really love something at a reduced cost.

There are three tiers of pricing available and it gets cheaper the longer you sign up. The most inexpensive option is 6 months for $19.99 a month but if you don’t want the commitment it’s $24.99 monthly or $22.99 for a three month commitment.

This would make a super fun gift for someone this Christmas! You can buy as a gift, stick it in their stocking and then they can set up their account! I don’t know any kids that don’t like Legos or any moms that wouldn’t fully appreciate the service!




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  1. Pley is a big hit at our house as well. Now I am thinking of giving it as a gift to my nephews. It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it?

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