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We recently rescued our second puppy, a Chihuahua named Belle so Operation ResCUTE is near and dear to my heart. I have loved animals since I was a little girl and  used to rescue them by brining home strays. I’m sure that drove my mom crazy. Now it’s come full circle and my daughter does the same thing! As a mom, I understand how my mom must have felt having stray animals brought home. As a human being though, I think about these poor neglected animals and what they might have been through.

I have seen companies raise money for animals before but never one like this that donates 100% of the authors profits to helping shelter dogs get adopted.

The book is the true story of Jingles, a dog who needs some rescuing!


The book is really cute and beautifully illustrated by A. Ottenberg. It is written from the perspective of Jingles and he tells about what his day is like. It is a bit sad; so sad in fact that my six year old daughter Paige cried when we read it. I felt bad but she has a very soft heart for animals. I don’t think she realized before what it really meant for a dog to be homeless and what he must go through.

Luckily this one has a happy ending when Jingles gets rescued. Not all dogs are so lucky though. Operation ResCUTE wants to see all dogs adopted and put into loving homes.

This Christmas if you have an animal lover on your list, the Jingles set makes the perfect gift. Not only does it come with a book; it also comes with a miniature Jingles, who happens to look a lot like both of our little dogs!


It also comes with a sticker that looks like a badge that says “I am a ResCUTER!” that you can wear proudly!


This holiday season there are so many animals without homes. Consider adopting one instead of getting that cute new puppy that costs too much! Not only will you be saving a life, you’ll skip all the potty training and puppy chewing!

Operation ResCUTE is a wonderful program to rescue animals and this set makes a perfect gift for animal lovers! Not only do they get this cute set; they are helping save an animals life!




Product Description

Each Book & Stuffed Animal Set Bought Helps to Rescue A Dog!!!! The Story of Jingles is the first book in the newly launched Operation ResCUTE series. The BOOK, based on the true story of a real life rescue dog ,comes in a gift set along with a STUFFED ANIMAL and Operation ResCUTE sticker. 100% of the profits will go towards helping shelter dogs get adopted. Operation ResCUTE Inc. is a non-profit organization intended to educate and encourage the next generation of young readers to think about adopting shelter dogs in need of a loving home. Only 30 percent of pets in homes come from shelters and rescue organizations. An estimated 2.7 million healthy pets remain in shelters each year! Hopefully, the ResCUTE book and plush series will foster the development of empathic and proactive young citizens who will be responsible to their surroundings and others less fortunate. Get started and buy the 1st Set in the Limited Edition of the ResCUTE Series.


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