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image1-2 Chicken Soup For the Soul Raising Great Kids is another great collection of stories. If I were to generally describe these stories I would say they were about lessons learned and also about an impact or influence someone had. They are about kids and parents of all ages. Some of the stories are about the parents learning the lesson or having someone impact or influence them and some are about the kids.

I think Chicken Soup For the Soul books are great to keep around and they are wonderful to give as gifts. The stories are only a couple pages each so you can finish a story in a short time. It is a book you can pick up from time to time, even choosing what story you want to read or you can read it cover to cover. Some are going to really touch you and others may not, but what is nice is that these stories are true and good. In a world where we know so much about the bad things going on around us, I like to be reminded of the true and good things going on too!

My favorite story from Chicken Soup For the Soul Raising Great Kids is one titled Love, Mom. It is about a mom who writes a note in her daughters lunch every day. The mom does not ask the daughter if she reads the notes until much later in the school year. She finds out that the notes are actually read out load with the friends her daughter eats with and they all love them. Her notes were impacting her daughter, her daughter’s friends and knowing they all have enjoyed and loved them every day it impacts the mom too! I write notes occasionally in my sons lunch, but now after reading this story I want to include one in every lunch too!

If you are looking for a good gift this Christmas, Chicken Soup For the Soul Raising Great Kids would be good for anyone who is a parent or grandparent. This is a book you could give to someone you know well or even hardly know. I think I will give it to my mom this Christmas (because I think she raised “great kids”)!

About the Book

Tolerance, respect, compassion and other values start at home, in healthy, strong relationships between the generations. These stories provide practical, insightful tips for parents and grandparents looking to strengthen their families and raise successful children.

As role models, parents and grandparents teach good values, like tolerance, accepting differences, shedding prejudices, and making good decisions. And having those traits makes us more successful as adults, too.

The personal stories in this collection not only show adult readers how to be their best selves, but also offer great advice on how to raise resilient, confident, upstanding kids — kids who exhibit all the qualities of acceptance, courage, and inner strength. These stories provide practical, insightful tips for parents and grandparents looking to strengthen their families and raise caring, confident, successful children.

This book harnesses the power of storytelling to inspire and teach while also entertaining readers. Key issues such as bullying; religious, ethnic, and lifestyle tolerance; values; and making good decisions are addressed in stories selected from Chicken Soup for the Soul’s vast library of bestselling books, representing the best on these topics from the company’s 22-year history.

This book is a joint project of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Boniuk Foundation, which are working together to promote tolerance, respect, and compassion, inspiring young people and adults to embrace their differences, reject stereotypes, and make good choices. It’s part of a larger effort that includes additional books for kids and preteens, teens, and college students, as well as a family television show every Saturday morning starting in October.

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