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One of my new favorite places to shop is on Etsy! Since a lot of the shops have homemade items, they are so much more personal and unique than what you can find in your typical store. I especially find this true for baby items.

It’s always hard to know what to get babies for Christmas. They don’t make a wish list for you or even know it’s Christmas but of course you aren’t going to leave them out just because they don’t know any better! I usually go for practical gifts for the little ones so that it’s actually a nice gift for mom and the baby has something to “open.”

One really cute stocking stuffer I found in the Etsy shop Traffic Stopping was a burp cloth.  This is something that every baby needs and can be a really cute gift. It comes wrapped in a ribbon with the perfect presentation for a gift and just the right size to stuff in a stocking!

It’s a nice, thick material that’s soft for baby’s skin when they rest their heads on it. My friend just had a baby boy so he tested it out for us! As you can see, no complaints here!


I liked the patterns with blues and greens that are perfect for a baby boy.


Of course there are options for baby girl!

The indentation at the neck is perfect to rest on moms shoulder and then it swoops out for great coverage. Because of the material it also absorbs well and doesn’t slip off. After all, we’ve all had a few shirt casualties to spit up!


This Christmas if you’re wondering what on earth to get the babies in your life, Traffic Stopping has an adorable selection with well made items that are great for baby but also for mom! There is also a great selection of items JUST for mom and for the home too so it’s a great one stop place to shop!




About the Burp Cloth

I started using a blanket instead of a cloth diaper for a burp cloth because I didn’t like the way a cloth diaper wouldn’t stay put. A blanket gets a bit bulky in the diaper bag though and so when heard of there being more “ergonomical” burp cloths, I made a pattern of my own for some! Made with flannel for washability and baby’s comfort.




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  1. Thank you Lindsey! Shop is at http://www.Trafficstopping.etsy.com.

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