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I have a couple of little techies in my house. My six and seven year olds are constantly on their iPads and have to be dragged away from them. In fact, even my toddler can swipe a tablet like nobody’s business. It’s just a different world from the one I was raised in where I remember getting our first computer and it was a huge deal!

Last year we got Paige the Kidz Gear headphones because she was always complaining about being distracted by everyone else’s sounds. She definitely can’t process more then one at once so the headphones seemed like the perfect solution. This year it was Reed’s turn and he got the new and improved wireless version of the same headphones Paige has.


The best part of these headphones is the bluetooth capability making them wireless! We paired it with Reed’s iPad in under a minute and he was good to go!


There are other improvements with this set over last years version like the microphone being detachable. With Paige’s version it’s always there so she just moves it up over her head and out of the way. Reed didn’t even want me to attach his at this point.


I really like the way it attaches the ears with a windy coil that is more flexible and easily bends to adjustments. The size is adjustable as well with a quick pull up or down to slide exactly where you need them.


The buttons are right on the earpiece making it super easy to see what you need to do and once you know where they are, you can press them without having to take the headphones off. That took Reed about two minutes to figure out and then I think he was adjusting the volume just because he could.

Speaking of the volume, since these are made for kids, the volume can’t go up to a point that could damage their ears. I love this feature and Paige’s older version has them as well. Hers just adjusts on the cord instead of on the wireless set that Reed has.

It does come with the option to be wired and comes with the wire to do so. It charges through another included cord right in a usb drive.

Another fun feature that Kidz Gear offers is a splitter so that two different sets of headphones can listen to the same thing. I wasn’t able to take advantage of this feature until now. We are going camping for the Thanksgiving break next week so this will be perfect for the kids to watch a movie in the car on the way there or to watch a different one or play their tablets in the trailer while mommy and daddy get to watch a movie that’s NOT a cartoon!

The Kidz Gear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are a big hit in our house and would make a wonderful gift this year. While it’s technically for the kiddos, mom and dad will appreciate the benefits too: silence! Enter to win a pair in blue or pink below.




Product Description

Experience total wireless FREEDOM. Designed with versatility in mind, these wireless headphones can be transformed into a Boom Microphone Headset Headphone or even standard Wired Heaphone with the simple addition of the included Boom Microphone and Audio Interconnection cable.

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  1. I want the pink for my granddaughter

  2. Heather Dawn says:

    I would pick blue for my son!

  3. I would choose the pink for my daughter.

  4. I would choose the blue one for my son.

  5. I would choose the Green color for my grandson!

  6. I want blue for my son!

  7. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I would choose Blue for my son!

  8. Julie Lundstrom says:

    My son would love the blue headphones. He has autism and has sensory issues to daily sounds. We are working with him to wear headphones when the daily sounds get to be too much.

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