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My seven year old son has been buying the small Pokemon Trading Card packs. I thought we would start out small and I would assess my sons interest and commitment to collecting the cards. I know that he will want this just as a collection and will possibly not even trade any duplicates he has. Once we start collecting or even have an interest, he is all in and wants to collect it all and know everything about it. We don’t have any friends who have a large collection, but he is still okay with that. His younger brother is interested in Pokemon because of him and they watch the shows, look and read the cards, quiz each other and act out Pokemon.

So, now it is time for a big box (well it is actually a tin)! My son is ecstatic! There is even a Pikachu!! It is not a foil card, but we (yes, that includes me) are happy! Now it’s time to fill up our binder and more!


There are so many cards in a set like this! A lot of them are not foil cards, which my son knows are better, but that’s just part of a large tin like this. I know my son is thinking, a few more sets like this will help complete his collecting. So, we put more Pokemon Trading Card tins like this on his Christmas list!


Now for my mom opinion. I annoyingly like everything to be educational for my kids. I think we should never stop learning. My son luckily likes educational things too. These cards have been great for reading. He loves studying his cards. He has retained so much Pokemon information and tries to teach it all to his little brother and me! That makes me realize that he is capable of doing anything he sets his mind to. (Yes I knew that before but this confirms it!)

Product Description

This lot of Pokemon Cards is Guaranteed to include:
1. 200 Assorted Pokemon Cards!
2. 1 Ultra Rare (Lv.X, Ex, Or Full Art)!
3. Bonus Free Pokemon Collector’s Tin!
4. 2 Random Pokemon Booster Packs!
5. 3 Pokemon TCG Online Code Cards!
6. Foils&Promos!
7. 20 Pokemon Rares!
8. Bonus 3 Free Golden Groundhog Token Counters!
This is a lot produced by Golden Groundhog, containing three unique Golden Groundhog authorized tokens, featuring the smiling groundhog.
Golden Groundhog (c) 2015. All rights reserved.



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