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I primarily decorate my home with photographs. My family is what is most important to me. I have a wall in the hallway where I hang a 5×7 of every single professional picture each of my three kids has had taken and the opposite wall is of family pictures. Sometimes I’ll just stop and look at them. Pictures tell a story. They capture a moment in time we want to preserve forever.


My Dad died this summer. It has given photographs a whole new importance to me. Most of the pictures of my Dads life were before digital and editing so they aren’t good quality when blown up. The exception to that are professional pictures like the one of he and I on our wedding day that I chose to have enlarged and framed.


It’s one of my favorite pictures of us. Obviously it was the happiest day of my life but as a parent, also one of his. It captures his essence in his smile that always stretched his entire face.

When choosing a custom design from American Frame I wanted to keep it simple and classic to make the picture the focal point. I played around with the matte and chose red at one point to make the flowers pop but it was just too much so I went a simpler route without a mat.

I like that American Frame has so many different options for customization. It’s best to take it one choice at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. I think the type of photo printing is most important and everything else should revolve around that. Whether you like a classic glossy finish, matte or canvas with brush strokes you can choose your favorite. I prefer the canvas just because it looks part like a painting. Sometimes I like to just have stretched canvas with no frame but I thought this one needed one.


Playing around with the frames and mattes is fun. Since you can preview it, it really does simplify the selection process. You can see in an instant if something works instead of regretting it after it had been ordered. I know if I ended up with that red matte that wasn’t what I visualized I would have regret it.

Instead I knew what to expect and all that was left was for them to exceed my expectations, which they did with the quality. It literally took my breath away. The picture was enhanced and the focal point because of the beautiful job in printing it and framing it.

I chose a classic black frame to match the wall I was putting it on and because my dad is wearing mostly black in the picture.


It’s an inch thick but you can choose the thickness.


You can also have the back prepared ahead of time for hanging which included a hanger at top and dots at the bottom to help it hang flush on the wall.


I love to decorate with photos but it isn’t always easy to find the perfect frame. Now you don’t have to. You can design it yourself! It’s not a cheap process. This was close to $70 to do but worth it to get exactly what I wanted. I have a Giveaway for a $25 gift card to American Frame to help you design exactly what you’re looking for whether it be for yourself or a gift for someone special this Christmas!



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  1. I need to frame school pics

  2. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I have my daughter College Graduation picture that needs a frame and a wedding picture soon that will need a frame.

  3. A family photo.

  4. Not yet, I would love one with my Husband and cat……..NOT A CREEPY ONE:)

  5. I have a photo of my dad and my daughter from Christmas that I’d love to frame.

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