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818WLRwilZL._SL1500_I have three kids aged 7, 6 and 1 and this GeoSafari Jungle Crew Lab set is recommended for ages 3+. None of my kids are at that ideal age for this but we tried another lab set that they loved so I figured I’d give it a shot. As expected, my 6 year old took one look at it and said it was for babies. I just asked her to try it once and if she didn’t like it she never had to do it again.

Well her excitement started to mount as soon as I started having her gather materials for the first experiment. She kept asking questions about what we were going to do with it. I knew she’d love it!

There is  card that explains what materials are needed in addition to the included supplies and then another card that explains what you are to do.


I read it out loud to my daughter and had her perform the experiment. She was instantly hooked.


We were able to complete one entire experiment with things that we had on hand so we moved on to the next. We found a second experiment that used a lot of the same things as the first including just water and food coloring.


My 7 year old wandered over about this point and asked if he could do the same thing. Paige was excited to show him what she had done and they sat and repeated the same things over and over again!


The GeoSafari set that looked like it was for babies bought me almost two hours of them being purely entertained AND learning!

The set itself comes with vials and tubes that have cute animal shapes sure to attract the little ones.


For the most part people will probably have the items on hand but some of them I didn’t have and others were too much work to gather. Next time I’ll plan ahead and have everything ready to go so it isn’t a lot of work.

I found that the animal tubes were a little bit wobbly and the tubes didn’t stick securely in the bottom. We didn’t have any accidents this time but I would suggest doing these on a tile floor or outside where it can be easily cleaned, especially when dealing with food coloring.

The other thing that happened was at one point it tells you to shake the vial to mix the food coloring with the water but the animals have holes in their mouths where the water leaked out. You just have to cover their mouth and hold the top on securely when shaking them. It wasn’t a big deal to correct but would have been nice to know ahead of time.

The GeoSafari Jungle Crew Lab Set probably is best for the recommended age of 3+ and my kids were a little old for it at 6 and 7. While they probably weren’t as excited by the animals as younger kids would be, that didn’t stop them from enjoying their experimenting and learning! The next day they asked to bring it out again but I wasn’t able to work with them. I told them to use their imaginations and they had lots of fun playing with them using water and food coloring. It’s all about learning and having fun doing it!

This would make a great gift for the little ones this Christmas. Mom and Dad can feel good about getting them something educational, especially with the big STEM focus right now!




Product Description

Roar into scientific exploration with this sturdy, 6-piece, animal-themed science set!
Introduce preschoolers to the wild side of science, with fun tools and activity cards featuring simple experiment ideas!
Includes large lion and small cub test tubes with pour-spout mouths; rhino flask; elephant funnel; hippo tongs; and monkey dropper.
Includes 10 hands-on activity cards using ingredients found in your kitchen and backyard!
Perfect for STEM learning!
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