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My six year old daughter Paige always gets so upset when her brother gets lots of sets to build. She says it’s not fair that they make so many things like that for boys but not for girls. Luckily, times are a changing! Not only does Roominate make things just for girls; they’re even funner then the boys options! Shhhhh I mean this one lights up! Yes, electronic fun for girls. What could be better than that?

This set comes with 121 pieces. I like that it’s not 1000 and it’s rated for girls ages 6+ so it’s just right for Paige. I couldn’t wait to get started on this with her. We got the Townhouse which is just an adorable three story house with lots of fun fabulous colors that pop!


It’s a little bit intimidating when you are first starting out with a pile that looks like this! But that’s the fun of it right?


I immediately started looking for the directions and there weren’t any! With STEM in mind, the girls are supposed to design their own creation. While this is extremely intimidating to me, my daughter was thrilled! She’s a free spirited girl. She doesn’t always get directions and specifics so this is actually perfect for her mind. She got to work right away creating her own dream townhouse!

I love that it includes stickers and papers to design each room to their liking. The possibilities are endless.


With no directions they are free to make each room whatever color and design that they want. Personally I prefer a good set of directions with specific information but luckily my daughter is the opposite of me. In fact I think she enjoys the process more then anything. She’s enjoying it so much; it’s begun but not complete. She keeps building and tearing down, rearranging and changing and never actually finishing. I think she doesn’t ever want to be “done” and that’s ok because it’s the way it’s designed.

With a focus on STEM this is a wonderful gift for the little girls in your life this holiday season. I think they would be thrilled to find this under the tree!


You can enter to win this same Roominate Townhouse set below!




Product Description

What’s cool about the Townhouse?
Create a multi-story building almost 2 feet high!
Customize each room with themed stickers and craft paper
Design endless creations with a complete set of Roominate furniture building pieces
Add circuitry to make the Townhouse come alive!
Use rPower (sold separately) to control the motor from your phone or tablet!
Teaches: crafting, interior design, structural engineering
4 pluggable wall/floor panels52 furniture building pieces40 connectors12 columns2 wheels2 axles1 motor1 battery pack*1 screwdriver3 sheets of stickers1 sheet of wallpapers1 Zoey doll1 pet cat Erwin
*Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.

For ages 6 and up.

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  4. My niece would love this!

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    Girls Can Build too with Roominate! #Review & #Giveaway @Roominate #RoominateToy

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