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I started running again a few months ago. With a child that’s sick all the time and three kids schedules to juggle, it’s really hard to find the time to exercise. Running is something I can do anytime and with my youngest in the stroller if need be. No more excuses! This is something that requires no membership, little equipment and just a dedication to do it!

Since every day is different I don’t always get to run at a set scheduled time. While it’s not ideal, sometimes it’s the end of the day before I can go and the sun has already set. We live in a safe neighborhood so I feel pretty safe running. It’s people seeing me that worries me. The LED flashing safety armband was designed with that in mind.


The idea is simple. If drivers can see you, they are much less likely to hit you! The LED band is simple in it’s design but can prove to be life saving. It comes with the battery already installed so that you can use right away which I always appreciate!

The band itself is pretty thin and lightweight so I don’t even notice I have it on. Since I usually run the same way, I keep it on my left arm that’s closest to traffic. It’s easy to put on with just a simple loop and velcro closure.

The LED light setting is threefold. You can have it flashing which probably gives you the most visibility, another slower flashing setting or just lit up without flashing. This is great to use for other things like when we are camping and want to make sure we know where the toddler is at all times at night!

You can’t really put a price on safety but $9.99 is a good one if you have to! This would make a really great stocking stuffer for runners this year!

I like the flexibility of running and want to be able to go anytime day or night. The LED safety armband allows me to do that with some peace of mind!




Product Description

High visibility, suitable for a range of sports at night, such as running, cycling ,walking or walking the dog, cars could easier to see you on road.
LED flashing armbands make you more impressive at parties or concerts.
MAGIC TAPE can be adjusted to suit your size–up to 13 inches,as a armband for your comfort.
Durable nylon band wrapped LED core, long time battery life and can replace the CR2032 batteries.
3 flashing modes: bright steady light, slow flash and fast flash–to ensure the wearer will be noticed even in the darkest areas.



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