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My husband and I have very different responses to K’nex! He sees them and says “oh no” because he thinks I’m going to make him help put them together with the kids like I do with Lego sets. But there’s just something about K’nex that speaks to my engineering brain! I love, love, love putting these things together!

I always enjoy spending time with my kids and this is something we can do together. But even after they lose patience and disappear on me, I really enjoy sitting and putting them together.


This X-Flame Building set is the first I’ve seen with any motorized mechanics involved so I was extra excited!


This one has a whopping 362 pieces but I didn’t let that scare me off! I was excited to dive right in with my seven year old son Reed! Now I should point out that this has a recommended age of 7+ but I think that is the absolute minimum of who can work on it but doesn’t mean they can do it on their own. Reed is more of my assistant. He likes to look at the directions and get me the parts I need. He’ll put some things together but it does get really super complex, especially when putting it all together.


The small parts where you just put ten pieces together he can do on his own. Attaching it to the main piece can be confusing, even for me. I had several mis-steps along the way but that made me even more determined to finish.

Unfortunately my toddler came along and wanted to play. He started building his own thing on the side. When it came to the end I was missing a crucial piece on the very last step! I turned out all the lights and searched with my flashlight but it’s been mia for a few days now. That’s the danger of these sets. If you if you lose one important piece it can have dire consequences! I think that also points to the recommended age because they have to be responsible enough to keep it all together and not lose anything.

Most of the pieces are easily managed. There are a few that are super hard to snap together and my fingers hurt by the time I was done. I worked on this for an hour or two for a couple of nights and I was so proud of myself when I was done!


This is the very K’nex I’ve done that had a motor so I was really excited to see how that would work. It did require two AA batteries which were NOT included which is always a bummer.


I didn’t have high hopes when putting it together because everything seems so fragile. But thankfully it’s more solid than it looks and actually moved! This Beast is Alive! I made a little video of him in action. As you can see by one of the wings not raising all the way, there is still a part missing! Luckily I was still able to get him mostly together.

I love the way K’nex brings me and Reed together. The older he gets, the more he’s all about Dad and less about Mom. This is something we have in common and love to do together! If you want to spend some awesome quality time with your K’nex lover, enter to win a set below!




Product Description

Stomp, Chomp, Stomp, Chomp – Watch these creatures come ALIVE with new Beasts Alive™ Building Sets from K’NEX! Use the 350+ classic K’NEX parts to build X-Flame, a ferocious dragon. Once built, turn on the motor and watch him come ALIVE right before your eyes! The set includes two additional building ideas that can be built one at a time. All K’NEX rods and connectors are made in the USA. Perfect building experience for kids ages 7+. Requires 2 “AA” batteries, not included.


Build X-Flame and watch him come ALIVE!
Includes 350+ Classic K’NEX parts plus a motor
Includes 2 additional building ideas
Rods and Connectors made in the USA
Perfect for kids ages 7+
Requires 2 “AA” batteries, not included
UPC: 744476346926


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