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Having an active toddler means I have to be an active mommy! My son likes to be out and about and would live outside if I let him! Trying to keep him entertained and out of trouble all day is exhausting and I have to get creative! I started having my older kids ride bikes to school and then after I got a bike seat for my toddler I started riding to do errands around town as well. My one concern is the safety of my bike while I’m inside a store.

My husband gave me one of those giant U shaped locks which was really heavy and required me to carry a backpack to take it with me on top of my already heavy load. When I looked at bike locks, I liked this one because it had a combination so I didn’t have to worry about carrying (and losing) a key or lugging around the heavy U shaped lock.

When I first got it I thought the combination part seemed a little cheaply made. However, the cable and connector were strong and sturdy and seemed well made.


The combination was easy to re-set and I was able to do it on the first try. For a moment I had flashbacks to my high school locker that you had to get in just the exact position or it wouldn’t work! This one clicks in specific places so you know you have the right number!


I like that it comes with a connector to keep ON your bike. That is a huge selling point for me! That way I always know where it is and don’t have to worry about how I’m going to take it with me.


The six foot length is perfect for attaching to normal sized bike racks and has worked out really well for my runs to do errands. The SafeBest Bike lock is a great value and you definitely get your moneys worth!




Product Description

Can a small investment of less then $20 can save you hundreds of dollars? YES!

Who else wants to find out the number one way to protect your bike against theft?

– Many U locks and heavy duty locks are in fact heavy, clunky, and can scratch your bike
– Only about 5% of stolen bikes are returned to their owners
– Most buyers of bike locks don’t use them because they have forgotten the combination or they have lost the key
Available in the most popular 6ft length

– Lightweight in design and out of the way when you are riding
– With proper locking technique this lock will greatly reduce the chances of your bike being stolen
– Easy to set combination and no key needed. Instructions on how to set your lock included.
Join the millions of bike owners who purchase locks to protect their bike from theft.

100% money back guarantee. Lifetime guarantee. If your lock breaks for any reason, we will send you a new one NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

This special pricing won’t last forever. Add item to cart and click BUY NOW!


The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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The IE Mommy
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