My Little Princess Looks her Best thanks to this Princess Castle Table Top Vanity! #velocitytoys


My six year old daughter Paige has a princess room. We used to have one of those sit down vanities for her to play with but it just took up too much space. It wasn’t well made and would fall over all the time and just became more of a hassle then it was worth. We got rid of it in our last yard sale but she has been sad at times when she wanted to play dress up. I figured a table top vanity was the perfect solution.


The fact that it was table top really appealed to me because she was able to just place it on top of her dresser. It appealed to her of course because it was pink and princess themed!

I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was about half the price of what we paid for her Disney Princess one so I knew it would be obviously smaller but wasn’t sure about the quality. It came with just a few parts to assemble and a tool to screw in the two sides that I didn’t even use but was nice to have just in case. After adding a couple batteries it was good to go.

The accessories are cute and I like that it came with a lot of them. The light up part was a slight disappointment because it only makes one sound. I think if she hadn’t had her old one she would have been more excited about it. It also has a bit of a “fuzzy” sound to it and isn’t that clear as you can hear in the video Paige made.

This is recommended for ages 3 and up, probably because of small parts, but I think there’s really just a couple year age range in there like maybe 3 – 7. I think at six Paige is right around the age that this would be too young for. She likes it and plays with it but it does seem a bit “young” for her already.


It was definitely designed with little girls in mind with the pink, lights and fun accessories. It’s more sturdy and well made than I expected for the low price. It’s not top quality but you definitely get your moneys worth. This Princess Castle table top vanity would make a lot of little girls very happy this Christmas!




Product Description

Velocity Toys Princess Castle Table Top Pretend Play Battery Operated Toy Beauty Mirror Vanity Play Set
Comes w/ Flashing Lights, Sounds, Accessories
Also Includes Beauty Accessories such as Bracelets, Hair Bands, Brush, Toy Jewelry, Etc.
Vanity Requires 2 AA Batteries to run (not included)
Approx. Dimensions: 29 X 18 X 13″


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