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I was really disappointed in the last sun of car window shades we got. Even though they worked well enough, they just didn’t cover enough! We have a van with BIG windows. I don’t want to have to move the sun shades around depending on the time of day or direction we’re traveling which is exactly what I was doing. Well the obvious solution is extra wide car window shades; only I didn’t know they existed before now!

These extra wide shades are exactly what I needed and they do a great job of covering a big enough area of the windows to where the kids don’t complain.


As you can see from the picture you can see through them  but they still block the sun. I wasn’t so sure I was going to like the suction cup feature because I had a really bad experience with them before. They just never seem to stick.

These have been up for a few weeks now without coming off at all so that bodes well for their success. There are a couple of really cool features that these have.

First of all, you can adjust them to exactly where you need them by pulling them just like shades in your house. You can pull them down to desired length. If you need to adjust, there is a button at the top on one end. You can press it to go up little by little or hold it down to re-roll the entire thing. Unfortunately my kids saw me do this and now my six year old does it just for fun!

There is also a suction cup you can affix at the bottom and if you want added security you can use the velcro strap. You have to affix one end to your door though and I wasn’t too keen on doing that so I just left it with the suction cup and it does fine. If you have little ones that play with it too much, the velcro might be a good idea!

I wasn’t expecting to like these extra wide car window shades as much as I do but they have really worked well for us in our van!




Product Description

The Car Shade protects children from the Sun’s damaging harmful rays and annoying glare all year round. These Dreambaby extra-wide adjustable car shades are 19.5” wide. They are suitable for larger vehicles, SUV’s and trucks. Should wipe the surface of the window and the suction cup with damp cloth prior to mounting

From the Manufacturer
The new Dream Baby Extra Wide Car Shade is great for SUV’s, vans and larger cars. The strong suction cups stick to windows. It is UV protected.


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