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As a parent, it’s super annoying when people call my baby “she” when he’s a boy and they did the same thing when my daughter was a baby. I find it almost as annoying when people assume that a dog is a boy or a girl based on it’s color or how pretty they are (or aren’t). Accessories that are feminine or masculine are a fun way to make it obvious since they don’t wear clothes (usually).


Blueberry Pet is my new go-to for pet supplies because of their outstanding quality. Everything I have received from them has exceeded expectation and this dog harness in a Loving Daisy print is no exception. I think it’s more obvious now when you look at Belle that she’s definitely a girl!


This dog harness is so nice and thick that there’s not going to be any escape for her! She was able to slide out of the first harness we got her but not this one. When I first put it on her (pictured) I had it too big. It was easy to adjust with a simple pull of the straps. I like that she has plenty of room to grow into this since we don’t know how big she’ll be yet.

All of the straps easily adjust and the buckle is thick and sturdy like the rest of it as well as the rings. I really like the small extra little ring on the side where you can put a charm or their name tag.


The other pattern that I didn’t choose of Rosy Prints is equally adorable and obvious that you have a girl!

The extra padding makes it comfortable for your best friend, especially when they are at the puppy stage like mine is and try to pull and fight the leash a lot. It’s a great training tool without worrying about hurting them.


I think this is the cutest dog harness I’ve ever seen and I love taking Belle out for a walk and hearing “isn’t SHE cute?” Yes, yes she is!




Product Description

Size: Small Width 5/8″, Girth 15.5-19.5″, Chest Strap 4.5″
Dog Harnesses in the first main image are sold separately. The grey buckles are made of eco-friendly plastic. Made of high density polyester webbing with a comfy neoprene bottom layer.
The loop tied to the logo is specifically designed for the purpose of attaching dog charms, tags, pendants or accessories. Please do not attach any dog leash with this loop
This harness is a single product. However, it comes with matching collar to complete the look. Collarsold separately.Please measure your pets carefully to make a safe and fit purchase. Always look at the size chart for the recommended weight range to confirm the size.
The chest strap is not adjustable.Machine-washable, in cold water on the gentle cycle.


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