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Potty training is unequivocally the hardest thing I’ve done with my children. I’m sure I’ll be saying something different as the years go by but as for the toddler years, this stands as the winner. Or the loser as it may! When it comes to success, I will use every tool at my disposal!

The good thing about my third child is he has done things earlier than my first two simply because he has watched his older siblings go through it and wants to be just like them! I’m hoping that potty training is no exception and so far it’s not shaping up to be!

I started noticing around eighteen months Jax showed interest in the potty. He would see his older brother and sister sitting on it and want to be like them. I started by putting him on whenever he asked. Then one day at bath time I started putting him on before he had to get in the bath. This is my not really trying no method to potty training! As he shows interest I encourage but never push.

Since he’s still so little I’m sure it’ll be a while before we officially being potty training so right now we’re just in the introduction and exploration stage.

What I learned with my older two is it’s all about the potty seat. The seat can make or break the potty training so it’s important to get the right one. The hard plastic kinds are cold and uncomfortable so I looked for the key word of soft and got this soft touch potty seat for Jax.

It’s also available in a really cute pink or blue color but since I have boys and a girl I wanted to keep it neutral with the white option.


This is the softest seat I’ve seen or felt! I like the raised ridge on the back that gives them that extra stability and feeling of security. The first few times I’ve put my kids on the potty they always have that look of panic like they’re going to fall off and he doesn’t have that with this. The splash guard in the front also helps with little boys until they get the hang of it!

The design on the bottom keeps it from slipping around which doubles their feeling of security!


Potty training is a challenge and is scary for both parent and child. This soft touch seat gives everyone a little extra boost of confidence for success!




Product Description

Baby Product
The unique contoured shape of the Dreambaby Soft Touch Potty Seat with its high molded back and sides gives toddlers the confidence they need to succeed.
The soft cushioned seat provides maximum comfort to help your child feel at ease.
The flexible foam is durable and is anti-slip so your child feels safe and secure.
It’s lightweight portable and easy to clean.
Fits most toilets



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