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I really enjoyed The Legend of the Candy Cane and The Legend of St Nicholas so I was eager to read my kids The Legend of the Christmas Cookie. We bake sugar cookies together for every holiday as part of our traditions so we were all excited to read about this tradition.

I’m going to admit, I didn’t love it at first. I thought it was weird how they used the little wooden tools to make Christmas cookies and I thought it didn’t make sense. After one read through though and understanding the history, I definitely appreciated and enjoyed the book more after that. It just goes to show that even as an adult, sometimes things that are different or don’t make sense can affect your judgement!

It is a bit of a sad story about a little boy whose daddy isn’t home for the holidays because of his job. I think sadly a lot of kids can relate to this weather it be a job, a divorce or even a death that they don’t have both parents together over the holidays.

To add to his sadness, they aren’t very financially stable and so he really has to do without. Even a simple Christmas cookie would be a treat to him but his mom is making them for the needy. I love this example of a mother who is giving what very little she has to others. It reminds me of the woman in the Bible who had but one coin to her name and gave it all. It’s a beautiful example of Jesus to remember at the holidays.

Naturally this is a struggle with the little boy and I think we can all relate to that as parents. It’s hard to make our kids understand that no matter how bad off they think they are, there are always others who are really in need.

This was a great opportunity to remind my kids of this. They tend to take things for granted not realizing how truly blessed we are and how very much they have. Sometimes they need a gentle reminder and this was a great time to do it right before the holidays when we will be donating things that they would rather keep themselves.

The Legend of the Christmas Cookie wasn’t my favorite of the Legends and it wasn’t a warm and fuzzy merry story with bright fun color pictures but it had a more important message than that and I was happy to share it with my kids.


About the Book

The Legend of the Christmas Cookie tells the story of a young boy named Jack who learns from his generous mother the story behind the Christmas cookie. The family who began the tradition of baking the special cookies gave them to the needy and shared the story of the very first Christmas. This sweet holiday book offers inspiration for readers to become cheerful givers themselves and encourages them to share the true tale of Jesus’ birth. A delicious recipe is included on the jacket flap so readers can make their own Christmas sugar cookies.

About the Contributors

Dandi Daley Mackall
Dandi Daley Mackall is the author of over 450 books. She still can’t believe she gets to write for a living, helping children of all ages grow spiritually. Dandi and her husband, Joe, both write from rural Ohio, where they’re blessed with three children and a variety of horses, dogs, and cats.

Richard Cowdrey
Richard Cowdrey’s favorite things to draw and paint are the things that reflect the awesomeness of God and His creation. From vast landscapes to the littlest bug on a leaf, Richard marvels at the beauty in the details. Richard’s bestselling children’s books include Legend of the Candy Cane, Bad Dog, Marley and A Very Marley Christmas.

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