The Best Pencil Sharpener in the World now Comes in Popular Purple! #ClassRoomFriendlySupplies #PopularPurple

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The best pencil sharpener in the world just got even better because it now comes in popular purple! Classroom Friendly Supplies just released this new color today and I was lucky enough to score one of the first in purple!


Obviously it’s just a color and doesn’t affect the way it performs but the fact that I love purple just makes it more fun. I like seeing it sitting there on my desk brightening up the place. It’ll look especially good in classrooms were the color just pops in a place that should be full of color. It makes it kind of hard to miss too! If you don’t like purple, there are plenty of other colors to choose from.


This is the best performing pencil sharpener I have ever tried. I will admit, I couldn’t figure it out on my own. I had to watch a video on the website. Of course once I saw it, it all made perfect sense! I made my own little instructional video to keep it simple!

You just squeeze the black tabs at the top of the sharpener and pull the silver part forward.


Then you insert your pencil in the hole, all the way through to the hole on the purple part of the sharpener itself.


At this point, you use the hand crank on the other side and crank away! It’ll draw the pencil in as it sharpens and you will feel it kind of give and let loose when it’s sharp.


To release it, squeeze those tabs again and pull it out! I have never seen a sharper pencil in my life!

You can mount this onto something or just leave it loose if you want. I mounted mine on my desk because things tend to disappear in my house and I want to know where it is at all times!


It’s easy to empty by simply pulling the clear basket out and dumping in a waste bin. I like that it’s loose so things don’t get all jammed in there like some of the smaller sharpeners where you have to pull out the shavings. These just dump right out.

In fact, that would be my only complaint about this. When the sharpener is loose and not attached to my desk, that basket slides out too easily and not always when I want it to. For me it’s not really an issue because I am leaving it on my desk but for those that want to keep it portable, keep a hand on the basket if you are going to tilt it when moving it around.

With two kids in elementary school we go through A LOT of pencils and sharpening so I know I will get good use of this pencil sharpener. I can tell by it’s weight that it’s great quality and will hopefully last through the elementary years!




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