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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and what better time to remind our kids to be thankful! I know it’s something that doesn’t come naturally to most children so they have to be taught. I have one child that always remembers to say thank you and frequently says “thank you for making me dinner” or “thank you for taking me shopping.” This thanks is music to my ears as it was the way I was raised. I have another child, however, who it doesn’t come naturally to and has to be constantly reminded. I think it’s a good thing to instill in them at a very young age.

Thank you, Lord, for Everything is a great book to help do that! It’s a board book so it’s designed for the younger crowd. I read it with my 21 month old today and he absolutely loved it. It instantly became one of those books that you have to read to them over and over again. What better message to drill in his head, over and over!

I like books that rhyme for the little ones. It makes it more sing-songy which Jax tends to listen and pay attention to more. Since he’s just a toddler, long books and uninteresting words don’t go far with him. The repetition also helps as each page ended up with the same statement “thank you Lord for everything!” He’s just putting together words and phrases now but I’m hoping this is one of the first sentences he remembers and says.

The thing I like about this message is that it’s a great reminder to be grateful for even the little things. Sometimes we forget to be thankful for food and shelter and things that we take for granted when there are those that do without. The little things to us are the big things to other and I think it’s a great message to give our children as we approach the holiday season.

The pictures are adorable and I think that’s part of what kept Jax in tune. The first time through I pointed out some things I thought he’d like and remember since he’s also learning to talk. I pointed out a ball, rabbit, bees and flowers. The next time through he pointed at them and said their names. Early reading is also a great tool for learning to talk and it’s such a joy to share this with him.

Thank you, Lord, for Everything became an instant favorite with my toddler and is a great book to read for the holidays and a message to reinforce all year!


About the Book

Love surrounds you, beauty, too.

Notice how God blesses you!

Clap your hands, shout and sing:

Thank you, Lord, for everything.

A comfortable and relaxing rhyme tells the story of God’s great blessings in this padded cover board book. P.J. Lyons’ engaging text and Tim Warnes’ playful illustrations remind readers how much they have to be thankful for.

About the Authors

P J Lyons
PJ Lyons received a Master’s Degree in Writing for Children at Vermont College and is the author of The Little Lion’s Bible, The Little Lamb’s Bible, and The Wonderful World that God Made. She currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Tim Warnes
Tim Warnes has been illustrating children’s books for twenty years. He lives in Dorset, England, with his wife, children’s illustrator Jane Chapman, and their two sons. When he’s not drawing little critters, Tim loves to write, watch birds and play his banjo. Visit Tim at

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