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I don’t like cooking. Flat out, straight up, don’t like it! I think I would enjoy it if I had the time to plan and shop and life wasn’t so busy. Add to that three picky kids AND a picky husband and it’s taken a bit of the joy out of it. When I heard that there are meal delivery services I thought; brilliant!

It’s important to me to eat healthy and so the fact that Fresh n’ Lean is an organic meal delivery service appealed to me even more. Someone else does all the planning, shopping and cooking and you get healthy meals delivered right to your door ready to heat and serve. What could be better than that?

I tried out the service for a few days to see how the food was. The food was delivered on ice from Fedex and it was well chilled but not frozen and in perfect condition when I unpacked it and put it away! I tried three different dinners and two breakfasts.

They come in a package that’s labeled with what it is, nutritional information and heating directions, with options I might add! Some people don’t like to microwave their food and others like me don’t want to heat up the house with the oven! This gives you both those options as well as stove top.


I micro-waved my first meal, the sweet potato mushroom penne and was ready to eat a few minutes later!


I like that I don’t have to think about serving size and eating too much because all that has been done for you. This particular meal was a little bit spicy but I loved it!

The next night I tried Celery Root & Balsamic Mushrooms.


This didn’t sound good to me so I was a little scared but it ended up being my favorite meal!


The last entree I tried was Dual Peppers & Chipotle Lentils. IMG_0117

This was my least favorite of the three but I still cleaned my plate!


I found all three entrees to be a bit on the spicy side when I was actually expecting them to be bland. When things are organic, all natural without any additives or preservatives, sometimes they don’t taste as good as the stuff that’s bad for you. It’s probably part of why people don’t eat healthier! These foods however were very flavorful which was a pleasant surprise to me.

I also tried two of the breakfasts. The first was Hearty Granola.


It lived up to it’s name and was hearty and tasty enough to hold me over until lunch! I loved the almond and vanilla flavors the most.


The last thing I tried I didn’t really like in all honesty. It was Almond Raisin Oatmeal.


I’m not a huge oatmeal fan to begin with but it came out kind of mushy and the fact that I don’t like raisin’s killed it for me!
IMG_0294The beauty of a service like this is you can pick the things you like and eliminate those you don’t.

I was really impressed with the variety in the dinners and that they weren’t your generic everyday recipes you cook at home like spaghetti or chicken. They were fancy meals with names to match and really defied my expectation with their flavors. The breakfasts weren’t my favorite but I still ate them and felt good knowing I had a healthy start to my day.

I’ve seen a few of these meal delivery services and with prices starting at $120 I’d say Fresh n’ Lean is on the lower end of your options. If I didn’t still have to cook for my family I would probably live off this service just for the convenience, taste and effortlessness of it all!




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