Tips to Help Your Child Cope With Divorce #Divorce

A divorce is a very difficult time for both parties involved. However, it’s also difficult on the children involved. Although two adults are going through a painful split here, children may not fully understand what is going on. This means they can begin to blame themselves for what is happening. They might even begin to act out in other ways. These tips will help you to help your child cope with divorce:

Tell Them Together

When you tell your child that you’re divorcing together, you’re still putting on a united front for them. This helps them to accept the decision, and they’re less likely to feel upset when they see you’re still coming together for them. However, if you’re going to do this, you really need to make sure there’s no arguing, shouting, or blaming. This is about your child!

Explain in a Way Suited to Their Age

Make sure you tell them in a way that’s suited for their age. You don’t need to go into too much detail if they don’t need to know it. If they’re quite young, you could simply explain that you won’t be living together anymore. That you love each other in a different way now, but you still love them the same. It’s good to give them this reassurance to help them come to terms with what’s going on.

Listen to Them

Make sure that you listen to them if they come to you with their problems. You can’t instantly dismiss what they’re saying, even if it sounds ridiculous. Everything they tell you is a legitimate concern of theirs, so be serious and listen to them. You can then carefully reassure them as much as you need to. You can tell them they can tell you anything as much as you like, but if you don’t show them with your actions then they won’t believe it.



Keep Grown Up Talk Away from Them

Any grown up talk should be kept well away from them. Don’t discuss the divorce with one another or divorce lawyers or anything like that in front of them, as they can get confused and draw their own conclusions. Heated discussions especially need to be kept away from them!

Keep Their Routine the Same

Although it can be difficult, especially if one of you is moving out, try to keep their routine the same. This will send them a physical message that nothing else is going to change and everything is fine.

Try to Answer Questions Honestly

They’ll no doubt have questions for you to do with the divorce. Try to answer them as honestly as you can without placing blame. Even if one of you is largely to blame, they don’t need to know that. They still love you both the same and they need to know that you both too.
These tips should help you to help your child cope with your divorce in the easiest way possible. Follow the steps to a T, and remember that they can be greatly affected by this too.

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